Let’s CTRL/ALT/DELETE 2020 Shall We?

This was Friday at our Kroger.

I now think it is time to ctrl/alt/delete 2020 and restart. Everyone at once now! Ha…I wish. So everything is cancelled, there is no toilet paper or paper towels on shelves (don’t even look for wipes) and the world that was pretty (aka kind of) normal a few weeks ago is so different now.

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I feel like I am in a kind of crazy surreal dream that I can’t wake up from. I couldn’t get a (one) squash from my local grocery store this weekend. (Seriously I buy it for my tropical fish but they were out? Also no ground meat, no paper products (see above)). How nuts is this? (I did an online order so I wasn’t standing in the middle of hundreds of people.) We all still need food and will still need to venture out to get food (though I am pretty stocked up now, thank goodness).

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Everything in the world is cancelled (except so far for Land Rover KY, is that cancelled yet? I dont think so?). The schooling show that Remus was to go to at the end of the month is cancelled, all the concerts around here are cancelled, schools are out for at least two weeks, you name it. Our restaurants and bars are still open here in TN for now. But I know some states are closing them or limiting their hours and capacities.

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My  husband (who in fact is NOT David Boreanaz but this GIF works for Mark) HA

We are all supposed to be doing social distancing (which my husband loves (introvert) except he has to still go to work each day, ugh). My work went to WFH for everyone (we can do that so we are lucky) but since I already do it, that is no problem. I don’t see that many people in a week and do online pick up already for the stores even before all this. I am not an introvert but still I don’t mind staying home. So this works for both of us (though Mark may really not care if we lived on a deserted island)!

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Totally my husband, give him his guitar, his Switch and his computer and he won’t emerge for seven months!HA 

But I know this is only the beginning. I worry about my dad who is compromised due to his melanoma treatment (the Eastern Shore of VA still has no cases so far which is great), my sister is over 60 and a diabetic, and even my husband here in Tennessee is on meds that can compromise his immune system. We have two cases confirmed in our next county, none in our county yet, and otherwise I think there are 39 plus cases in all of Tennessee.

I worry about Mark’s parents in England where there are rumors that anyone over 70 will have to stay in their house for the next three to four months.

Myself, I have had a sinus issue for many weeks now and have a cough which is NOT the virus but simply allergies and sinuses draining and making me hack every so often if I forget to take my allergy pills. And before all the shutdowns started if I was out and started coughing, people look askance at me like I was an extra on the Walking Dead. I still am disinfecting and washing my hands as much as possible and trying to stay away from people.

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So what are you doing to stay safe? I do realize why all the events are being cancelled, not just concerts or horse shows, and so on, so I am not bitching at all. I am just curious how we are all dealing with it. How scary is this in your area? Is it stopping you from doing things you have planned? Or are you like me and vegging out in front of the tv?

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What are you streaming while you are housebound or being safe? I mentioned to Mark yesterday THANK GOODNESS we have streaming, can you imagine only relying on regular TV? We are Britboxing like crazy (Shetland and Living the Dream are my current favorites this week, check them out, one is serious, one is hilarious). We also stream Pluto, Tubi, Prime, Netflix and so on. As long as the internet holds out we won’t get bored. Let’s just hope the toilet paper holds out!

I know most of us can work from home but I also know some of you can’t. So please be careful wherever you are. Especially all you health workers. We love you and appreciate you so much and we can’t do this without you so please please be careful!

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And one last thing! Please remember to buy from small businesses if you can (if they are open, if not, even if you just buy a gift card online to use once this calms down). They are going to need all the help we can give. GoFugYourself (one my favorite sites ever, if you don’t already follow, catch up on it these girls are hilarious and very much needed in a time like this) has a chat going on about how to support local business. Give it a read, what else do you have to do with your time? (If you are working now, wait till lunchtime to read but still, let’s do what we can, right?) 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Let’s CTRL/ALT/DELETE 2020 Shall We?

  1. I’m glad to hear that y’all are trying to stay well and safe. We’re slowly closing things down here (even though I’m in the office) and since my leg is broken, I haven’t been going anywhere anyway so I can’t speak to all that’s changed in the last few days. That being said, all events / shows / large public places are closed and schools have been cancelled through the end of the month. Stay safe and healthy – keep on keepin’ on!

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  2. I have allergies too so I’ve been diligently taking my meds everyday (normally I’m super lax) just because I don’t want someone punching me (or really shaming me) thinking I’m sick or something.

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  3. Ugh this stupid virus. I can’t work from home but I also have a small office with o my 2 other employees so we should be ok. My patients though are elderly and have diabetes so they are in the high risk group. Thankful we can stay open and still help people through this mess

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  4. People’s reactions are so ridiculous. Let’s buy up all the toilet paper but still bring our kids to the parks to play together…. LRKY3DE (whew) is tentatively still on, but they sent an email today seemingly alluding to the fact that they will cancel (or alter) the event.

    It’s unlikely the will be able to reschedule (the KHP schedule is too dense for that), but I guess it’s possible that they most to a broadcast-only event. I would be VERY SURPRISED if it went on as per usual (especially the trade show)


    1. And again I miss it one more year. I guess I will have to come to KY this summer (Lord Willing) and play with you guys instead 🙂 So sad there isnt enough room in the calendar to run it some other time. 😦 I feel for all these events (since I work in events albeit not horsey ones). Scary as shit!

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  5. Schools are closed here, and they are letting people bring their children to work with them. Umm…..no thank you. I am trying to get them to let me work from home 3 days a week.


  6. Well….. I was supposed to go to Kentucky this year, and then SC to visit my grandmother who’s 92. Buuuuuuuuuut I don’t see that happening. I really don’t want to risk being a carrier, especially since she’s been in and out of the hospital a lot in the last six months. Not to mention where she lives is completely shut down for the next 2 weeks, which I’m glad since I worry about her.
    I’m really thinking I’m not going to Kentucky either – just this morning they posted on FB that they’ll make an official statement in a few days, but considering that it’s an international event I think they should cancel it. Which, in that case, I’ll have a not-so-long stay-cation lol
    The grocery stores are nuts. Absolutely insane. It didn’t help that this weekend was my “I need to restock my food-stuffs” shopping trip. I probably looked like a hoarder lol. Hopefully this’ll all calm down in a few weeks!

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  7. Crazy times! I’m in Canada and my province has shut down everything public, pretty much. I am at work today, but it looks like WFH is on for the rest of the week. Luckily I work for the govt. so I will be paid regardless. I feel so bad for people whose jobs might start layoffs, or they just won’t get paid if they don’t go in.

    Our grocery stores are wild too – I was able to get a bunch of supplies at 7am Sat. (early bird – yasss!) but there was almost no meat. A few sad pork chops was all that was left. It will be interesting to see how the supply chain ends up if this thing is prolonged more than 2-3 weeks.

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  8. I think it’s crazy everywhere at this point. Stores were chaotic and totally lacking in meat and other essentials. We already work from home and live in the middle of nowhere and rarely leave the house, but I stocked up on extra food so that I don’t need to do my weekly shopping. I’m just worried about small businesses and people who are loosing their jobs.

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