Happy Blogiversary to Fat Buckskin (AKA to Me)!

Ollie says come back later 😉

I missed the actual date, it was March 14, 2017 when I first ventured down this pathway called blogging!! Life got a tiny bit crazy the last two weeks so here is my celebration.

Book Blogging Tips
Umm, nope not that 🙂

My first post ever was this one, who knew how it would spiral after that?

As I get led down the path into blogland, plus Eventing Bingo anyone?

I know i did GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

Now three years later, let’s see some numbers, shall we?? I will just say one thing I sure am wordy mcword. I am no big-time blogger but I am proud that I have kept blogging over three years now! Wow. Especially where 2020 has been curtailed so much. And even though I am small potatoes compared to other bloggers I really do love this so much so I have to shout out to The900FacebookPony and others who steered me down this path! (As usual, I blame Amanda for a lot! Sorry not sorry) And 2018 was a total wordy mcword year! HA.

Year Total Posts Total Comments Avg Comments per Post Total Likes Avg Likes per Post Total Words Avg Words per Post
2017 116 1,203 10.4 106 0.9 88,973 767
2018 140 2,635 18.8 408 2.9 103,900 742
2019 138 1,905 13.8 595 4.3 77,904 565
2020 21 234 11.1 80 3.8 15,777 751
Behind the Scenes: Our Staff Blogging Guidelines
Me starting out blogging in 2017
MRW I don't know what I am doing!!! - Imgur
Me in March 2020

Some things never change! Meanwhile I plan on keeping on blogging and enjoying everyone else’s blogs. Thank you to all who have followed me (and/or humored me) over the years!!

the big guy himself back when we actually competed and did things! 🙂

Stay safe and healthy my friends!!

Impact on Disney Heroes (PerBlue) from Coronavirus - Feedback ...
or wine, or beer or….?? 

15 thoughts on “Happy Blogiversary to Fat Buckskin (AKA to Me)!

  1. I almost texted you happy anniversary, but I figured it was more appropriate here. So instead you got work crap. And then I forgot. So happy anniversary! People suck, it wouldn’t be an appropriate comment without that right? Ugh, 2020, I had such high hopes…

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