WW: Fred, Ginger, and Lola

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Jazz hands!


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This one is for Amanda!

Guess what I went and looked at last night (from the road with no human contact)? These three are looking for a good home. And were right in the next town (older man has them and wants to rehome them). How cute are these guys?  I need to find a trailer to borrow since I FLIPPING SOLD MINE.

Meet Fred, Ginger, and Lola (No clue who is who yet, one is the daddy, one the mommy and one the baby and yes the daddy is gelded now!). I am hoping to pick them up soon! SO EXCITED! How adorable are they?  (SHUT UP AMANDA!) 🙂  Squealing with excitement here. 🙂 I am in love!



They are even tinier in person, they all have halters but I don’t think they have been handled much lately but I am sure that will not take long!! They were interested in me even if not effusive. Hope I helped make your Wednesday brighter!

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Happy hump day! (And no this is not an April Fool’s joke, I am seriously getting three donkeys hahahah)

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Fred, Ginger
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and Lola!

19 thoughts on “WW: Fred, Ginger, and Lola

    1. hahah it is not. three mini sicilian donkeys! I am so excited 🙂 I have been looking far and wide for these and i found these 10 minutes from me 🙂 HA HA HA I can’t wait to get them home.


    1. why do you think I want them so badly? HA HA HA. He will have a stroke…BUT I will get it on film 🙂 Tho he does like the mini a lot at the barn (but not a donkey) HA HA HA I have to get the white one a mask. He is so pink eyed!


    1. I KNOW it is NOT a joke 🙂 I just n eed to figure out how to get them home. ALSO damn C Geese knocked part of my fence down and broke some poles yesterday (Doing the breeding dance I guess those things are heavy)! HAHAHAH


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