Donkeys: Week Two

Lola peeking out to see me coming to feed them in a deluge. 

So they have been here for a week and a day now. In some ways they are coming around so good (most of the time they all three will take a treat from my hand). I can catch Fred and rub him all over and even lead him a bit. The girls are a lot tougher. I actually caught Ginger over the weekend and held onto her as she tried to get loose (thank god she is small) and once she settled and let me rub her I let her go. So now I ruined it and she won’t come near me. Nothing remembers shit better than a donkey. Remember that. HA. I keep trying to get her to like me more. I think if they don’t start coming around they may have to be locked into the stall for a bit so I can get my hands on them. We shall see.

Exhibit A: Donkeys that are house brokem

Speaking of the stalls with the horrible weather we got this weekend they learned real fast that shelter is a good thing. They used the stalls to shelter in place (get it?? too soon? yeah it is) and did vacate to poop and pee outside but otherwise stayed in during high winds, high rain, and lots of lightning and thunder. Good donkeys!

However they are pooping along the line of my stone under the tiniest overhang in the world. I dragged a mat out today (and almost pulled my shoulder out doing it) so am sure they will now go on the other side of the mat. LOL Brats.

Chilling between rain drops yesterday

Then I let them out front this weekend when the weather was nice. They loved all the terrain and had a blast. I also had a blast watching them!

I spy with my little eye…three donkeys

They seem to be enjoying it here a lot. I am only hoping I can get them a bit more tamer so I can get the farrier out soon!

This cardinal came to visit me today…..too.

And last but not least Ollie got to go on the side by side again on Saturday and had a blast. Mark put it to music and we laughed a lot. Hope it makes you all smile too. It is a very small world right now!!

UGH Monday. Anyone else? Just me?? Sigh….

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9 thoughts on “Donkeys: Week Two

  1. This weekend I learned that 7 states claim the Northern Cardinal as their state bird. I also learned that Utah’s state bird is the California Seagull. Weirdos!

    Glad the donkeys have settled in and I hope the girls warm up to you soon!

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