Comfortably Numb….Is Anybody Out There?

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Life is getting a bit surreal. I wonder how this is going to affect (or effect, I never get those two words right) us in the long run?  I don’t want to be around people ever again I don’t think. Anyone else??

The three stooges 🙂

Now that I have donkeys at home I really am not as stressed as much as I was though I still have some anxiety about Mark going out to the workforce at a company that doesn’t really care if anyone gets sick. But otherwise, donkey therapy is the best!! Along with dogs and an elderly cat and a loving husband I have it pretty good.  I need to take my cue from the cat. Like is that a life is good shot or what?

Peeves and Ollie snoozing this week. 

But at least I seem to be comfortably numb at the moment. And since I love Pink Floyd this is where my mind went. I saw Pink Floyd in 1987 (I think it was the Momentary Lapse tour and it was held the same place as the Washington International so it was cool seeing all the horses outside in their temporary stalls). OMG best concert ever. And then Mark and I saw Roger Waters for his Wall tour, but I can’t remember when but that was another great concert. Of course will we have concerts again? Who knows? I haven’t been to one since Roger Waters sooooo doubt if I would go to one again before the world went to hell with Covid-19, let alone after this.  Mark has to tell me when Roger Waters was because I have no memory of what year HA! (Ahh I asked him and it was 2010. so 10 years ago, wow). This is why I married a younger guy. So he can remember things! 🙂

Anyway I hope everyone is still staying safe and sane!! Happy Friday! And enjoy some more donkey photos! These guys are the cutest, ever. Their personalities are emerging now too which is funny. Ginger bosses Fred around. Lola is a little hellion. And so on. Fred is my friend now. HA.

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How are you enjoying your time at home (if you are lucky enough to be able to stay home)? Anyone going crazy yet?  I have tons to do but haven’t felt up to doing too much and I need to cut grass and know my allergies will go haywire then. Sigh….the weekend is here.  Thank goodness for donkeys! HA and food!

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21 thoughts on “Comfortably Numb….Is Anybody Out There?

  1. It certainly is an odd life right now. There are a lot of things I don’t want to see get lost again in the future like manners, learning to be patient and waiting, family time, slowing down. My kid misses school a lot though so that really needs to come back in the fall. And my office needs more patients again or I will have to close my doors and find a new career

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  2. Those donkeys really are too cute. I am jealous. They look like so much fun. I got my own little donkey fix today when I drove to the grocery store (first time off my property in a week). On my route, I pass by a property that keeps a donkey and a goat. In the pasture with them, I often see one of those big horse balls with a multi-colored cover on it. Makes me smile every time.

    I am one of those people that actually enjoys being alone so the social distancing thing comes naturally to me. My day to day life so far has not changed that much except for the whole wearing a mask and gloves to the grocery store thing- I scared myself when I saw my reflection in my vehicle’s exterior in the parking lot today- who IS that masked lady?

    But I am well aware that life can change for the worse in a minute. So I take it day by day, moment by moment- being grateful and appreciative for any good that still surrounds me. Looks like Peeves and Ollie are doing the same thing- what a sweet photo of them!

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  3. Donkey therapy looks pretty awesome to me, I’m glad you have them. And yea it’s kinda strange to think about how things will be “after”…. but I’m hopeful all the same 😉

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  4. Hiiiii from someone else’s workplace that doesn’t care about them! And guess what, I got sick last week! I couldn’t get tested till this past Thursday and thankfully I test negative. Although I was very sick.

    Life is weird being home. And knowing I have to go back to work after my quarantine is up next weekend. I am enjoying being at home with the dog and reading ( a lot ).

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      1. Mostly a sore throat and extremely tired. And I was winded going up the stairs. Our province has stated you have to isolate with any symptoms of illness, but they weren’t testing unless you were high risk. And then they changed it to include people still working. I’m still off work till next week but that’s fine by me !

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  5. Life is super weird right now. I’m glad the donkeys are keeping you calm! They are so cute! I’m excited for all the donkey media. I hope the lawn got mowed with minimal allergy problems!
    I’m actually making good use of my time at home. Prior to the world shutting down I pretty much was only home to sleep. So I’m getting to actually enjoy my house some. Thanks to Amazon and my free time I’ve gotten two rooms properly furnished and organized. Several more to go… but it’s a start!

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  6. Lucky enough to be able to work from home still AND have leftover allergy medication from last year – can life get any better? Kidding but things are very manageable. Still so jealous of your donkey friends and what a respite watching them must be

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  7. I feel really guilty about it, given so many people are struggling, but I absolutely love working from home, and am quite enjoying the change of pace otherwise. Apparently I’m a bigger introvert than I ever thought because the time out from everything has me sleeping so much better and just generally feeling much more peaceful and relaxed. I love your donkey view, and you’ve really got the best pets!

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  8. Also saw Pink Floyd on that tour – it surpassed expectations, which were high. 😀

    My job is considered essential, so the work week feels similar to BC, but weirder (me and co-worker trying to maintain social distancing while carrying things) and way more complicated. Feeling very fortunate to have the equine here on the farm – until he busts out a nose bleed over the weekend and the farm call is $375 (3 hr round trip for vet) before treatment. One day at a time… and donkeys look like a big help.

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    1. ahahahahah surpassed expectations which were high! I get it 😉 OMG so much pot smoking at that concert! It was a great concert and i am so glad i went. Especially since my friend who went with me died a few years (She was a lot younger than me so sad) but we had an awesome time there!! UGH sorry about the social distancing while carrying (HOW?) and also the farm call. OUCH.


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