Saddle Oh Saddle Where Art Thou?

Remus is having a pretty good life right now…

Who would have thunk knowing exactly what saddle I want I can’t find one (well I can but I prefer to not pay over 4k for it). I tried a Toulouse yesterday and despised it (I KNEW I WOULD, I was trying to be open minded). It gave me a chair seat and my jumping was like…horrible. So back to the tack store that goes. UGH Nice saddle for someone just not me.


My instructor of course is a hunter instructor and wants me to try all the hunter saddles in the tackroom. I used to think Remus could only go in Stubben but he is leaner now and even though still wide mayyyyyyyyyyyyyyybe he could be in something else? Is it worth having a fitting done in a different brand? The mind boggles.

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Someone at the barn has a Devoucoux that she uses on her WIDE paint horse. So I was told to try that sometime. So I guess I will? I know before that FRENCH did not work on Remus but….who knows right? My instructor said she wants my butt to sing and I agree. HA. I was like it sung in the Stubben Monoflap (so I am still seeking one). But I guess I need to be open to trying others. And this weekend in the show I still have no saddle. Sob.

Watching me

Thoughts on other brands that might fit a slightly less wide QH with a wide shoulder?  I am open. Right now I am open to anything 🙂 Besides bareback! HA

The most PISS POOR DESIGN EVER! You cant see it but there is about an inch sliver of metal standing up on that threshold.

Also I went and looked at the Shadow Trailers this weekend finally (remember I sold my trailer right when this lock down stuff started). I liked the Shadows more than I thought I would, they are built very nice with little touches. I love the straight load with dressing room but I DESPISE the door to the horses from the dressing room and the guy showing the trailer off actually tripped over the lip and fell. (Thank goodness he went first or it might have been me). So then I looked at the two horse slant. It has a smallish dressing room but the tack wall swings and even though I loathe a slant, Remus is usually the only horse I haul so I could make it a box stall more than a slant I think.

Any opinions on any other brands? I love the Adam Julite and really wanted one of those but the closest one I could find is 8 hours away. These Shadows are literally an hour away and they service and it is a mom and pop business. I think I would enjoy buying from them.

So that is my life in a nutshell. If I didn’t have the money to spend I am SURE I would have dozens of things to choose from. HA.

This I would like though! 🙂

One nice thing is the instructor at Trinity offered me their two horse trailer to use this weekend for the show. They have a Sundowner two horse straight load with a dressing room. That is so nice of her. I so appreciate finding this barn. I love it there. Now if they only did eventing! Hahaha


Yesterday I had a lesson with Remus (and it was hot as hell out). In that Toulouse it was a pretty crappy lesson. HA but it would have been crappy in the Stubben. Remus had NO energy at all and neither did I. Then I stayed to help with barn chores and to say I am sore today would be a total understatement! I am dying. Well not really but omg sore. By the time I was pushing the empty wheelbarrow back to its place I was considering just laying down in the dirt!

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me to Mark when I got home. He cooked dinner for me that was so sweet. I was gone from 10 am till 6 pm so it was a LONG DAY! HA

I hope everyone enjoys their extra day off this week (unless you don’t get it off then I am sorry!).

Donkeys finally learned there is nothing wrong with a haynet and it will not eat them! 🙂

14 thoughts on “Saddle Oh Saddle Where Art Thou?

  1. I am no help on the saddle search, but I love my Shadow, as you know. That swinging slant wall is nice when you need to help a friend move or pick up laundry room cabinets from IKEA. That lip is killer, but I got used to it pretty quickly! Can’t hate on it too much, it helps keep the rain out.

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    1. thank you I remember you got the one horse!! They are very well made for the price range. Like much better than I expected!! and yes I did think youc ould move some things as well in it 🙂


  2. Your butt might sing in the decoucoux… I never had one, but I remember riding in them a few times in college and liked them. Shiny is super wide all around and goes well in her Butet. BUT the Stubbens are so nice, and they last forever too. So hopefully you’ll find what you really want soon.
    I had great luck with my Sundowner, but I know that’s not the case for everyone. The Four Star seems nice so far… but I’ve only hauled with it once for a 5 mile trip. Lol. Hard to give a solid review at this point.

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    1. thanks I love my monoflap and would love to find one again!! And It is so funny how regional trailer brands are. Kingstons and Cotners and Hawks up in the NE where I bought my other trailer. Down here you get Shadows and Calicos(ugh) and things like that.


  3. Have you tried posting ISO ads all over Facebook pages? That’s how I found my saddle. I also sold my Bates that I didn’t feel like putting an ad up for but was willing to sell. I saw an ISO ad and responded to it then next thing I knew my saddle was sold.

    Eeyore is a wide load and I adore my Black Country. Something you could try maybe.

    I’ve been out of the trailer game for years so no help there. I hope you find something you love though.

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    1. thanks I have posted on the Stubben Facebook page. I will also post elsehwere….(Wide load haahha)…I need to go back and read your and Emily’s travels to find a saddle that fit both your big loads of horses 🙂


  4. The majority of my barn has Hawks and they’re lovely. Also a good number of Sundowners and Merhows. As for saddles, my Devoucoux makes my butt sing, but the french saddles never fit Doc. I also love my Black Country dressage saddle, so maybe worth a try?

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  5. Seconding Black Country, with the freedom tree. I’ve tried tons on Juice and nothing fit him right except for their saddles. Fortunately I love a few models for myself as well so it was an easy purchase once I found a used one with the right specs.

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  6. If the saddles are in your barn in easy to try then I would definitely sit in them! I know you are unsure about French- but Voltaire’s have an extra wide channel and seem to fit some very wide WB’s. If there is one in your barn I’d test that one out too! GOOD LUCK!


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