Kittens, Donkeys, Gretchen, and Remus! Oh and Skunks too!

Sing it with me, somebody’s watching me…..

So this is a catch all of a post. It has pretty much everything in it. Remus, kittens, donkeys, Gretchen, oh and skunks. Yes skunks.

So, I had a lesson last week and though it was hot it went well. I used a different saddle and though I loved it it did not fit Remus well (it was a Devoucoux Biarritz, a fellow boarder was so nice to let me try it)! Onward and upward on our search. I have a feeler out to a Loxley/Bliss representative who may be coming to my area soon (another fellow boarder has a Loxley and needs her to come adjust so fingers crossed, she can fit Remus at the same time and we can see if one of those might work for us).

I literally can’t find a Stubben Zaria Optimum in an 18 seat and a 29 tree. OR if I find it it is near retail price (AKA over 4000 umm nope). Soo still looking.  Hence looking at different saddle brands.

How it feels searching for not soccer related posts - GIF on Imgur

Meanwhile I have a lesson tomorrow and I got in by the sink of my teeth at a jumping part of the clinic this upcoming weekend (Someone cancelled!). I didn’t get into the dressage part and am not really upset about that though I probably need it more. HA. The weather forecast for Sunday is high 70s. Yes please. Looking forward to that!

I audited a clinic at my barn this past weekend. (The photo of Remus above at the top was when he was alloted the shed barn for the day since they had haul ins. He was not impressed. He was also not impressed when he was out all day on Saturday. Remus is a pansy and horseflies are not nice hahahah). It was three days of intense clinics and boy those people worked for it. I only watched on Sunday but it looked really interesting. I was glad while watching them do an exercise that included lead changes that I did not sign up for it! That would have been a hot mess. SPEAKING OF HOT MESSES it was hot as blazes too. I felt for the riders and the horses but they all seemed to enjoy it even if they were a bit mentally gaga by the end (the riders I mean)!

At home the kittens are growing up fast (and almost only eating out of a dish now!) They are very cute but if I can find homes for them all I will not miss them! HAHAHAH

Gretchen is doing well as can be expected. She had a bout with vestibular syndrome last week and it was pretty scary but while still having the head tilt and some dizziness she never stopped eating or drinking or pooping or peeing. So I think we were lucky.

Best dog ever!

I even caught her playing with Bernie this morning (Sorry the video is so dark). She is the toughest old girl around. Love her so much.

And that is it in a nutshell. Today is rain and supposed to be 90s then the weather should adjust to be not as hot. The flies are in force with the donkeys. They are finally realizing torrential downpours or torrential horse flies = stalls are good especially with fans in front of them. Slowly slowly getting them used to the stalls.  I even feed them in there now due to how bad the flies are (and the rain keeps coming I got stuck in the barn yesterday with a downpour and they even stayed in the stalls they usually exit if I am in there LOL).

They know what time breakfast and dinner is!

Oh I was driving on a back road the other day on the way home and thought I saw kittens on the side of the road. So I stopped. Of course I did. Because I am an idiot!

Imagine my surprise when it was a litter of skunks playing. I couldn’t get great photos due to not wanting to scare them or run into momma but omg they were about the size of my kittens. SO CUTE.


What is up with you all? Anyone got some shows coming up!!?? I have to live through you for now!

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I may have talked in Pepe le Pew’s voice when writing this post. Don’t judge me! LOL

8 thoughts on “Kittens, Donkeys, Gretchen, and Remus! Oh and Skunks too!

  1. I’ve been slowly ramping it up with riding (success!) but Mae is hating the flies. We’re using Ultrashield and that barely keeps them away. Any fly spray recommendations???


    1. I find good old fashioned Repel X works (extra strong made). Also for riding I use Whole Horse Equine (all natural made by a small business owner Emily knows)! It smells fantastic and does work great.
      I just prefer leaded Repel X to spray directly on the damn horse flies (especially on my walls etc) then I squish them 🙂 HA HA HA


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