Updates on a Saturday

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Pretty much me every day

I started this blog post on Friday and never finished it. So now it is a Saturday blog post. My life is nuts right now with work. I barely get time to shower or eat during my work day. But anyway, they laid off nine people last week (including some of my closest friends) so I guess I had better thank my stars I still have a job. I think I thank my stars, some days I am not so sure. Some days I am just surprised there is not a Michele-shaped hole in the wall as I try to escape!!


So I do have a lesson scheduled this weekend. It is so damn hot in Memphis right now and my work has been INTENSE so I haven’t ridden all week but went ahead and put myself on the schedule for Sunday morning. Hopefully,  I won’t die of heat stroke. Remus either. It is bad. So bad.

How I feel in this heat….

Meanwhile in other news. Dad’s biopsy came back negative. Huge relief. Also Mark had to get a COVID test due to a coworker having it.  So far everyone tested has come back negative including Mark.  So another relief. Now to worry about what to do with my dad as my sister has had it up to HERE with messing with him.  Family right?

Tina went to her new home last Monday and is doing well. I have the two boys Newt and Jacob (or Jake from State Farm as we tend to call him, I mean he is wearing khakis!!)

jake from state farm | Tumblr

The boys don’t seem to miss Tina at all those horrible traitors!!

They went and got shots yesterday and literally rode like this in the truck with me. Most laid back cats ever. Though Jake (From State Farm) had a mini-meltdown for one of the shots. I think they could hang Newt upside down and he would not care. But aren’t they so cute as sidekicks in the truck? Ollie was in there too….

Bernie says hi too

Going out to cut grass now. You would think as HOT as it is here the grass would FREAKING STOP GROWING. Nope. Still growing like crazy, still green and so on. UGH. The flies are horrible right now not just the horseflies but the black flies as well. I am not sure how they just got so bad all of a sudden as I am using Fly Predators. I just got my double batch for July so hopefully this will kill out some of the up and coming hatching out.  I hate Summer.  Donkeys have learned stalls with fans are GOOD with flies. Smart donkeys.

Spoiled kittens

Hope everyone is doing well. Have a great weekend all! Stay cool (or warm depending where you are! Take a page out of these kittens’ books. Play hard, sleep hard, enjoy life!

Photogenic too! 🙂 

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