Saddle Shopping and Life: Both Kind of Suck Right Now!

Whose idea of fun is this? Remus probably

So I definitely need a 18 inch saddle. So when I wake up some days thinking wtf why did I sell my Stubben?  I do need to keep reminding myself that I do need the 18 inch. So at least there is that.


My barnmate at Trinity had the Loxley/Bliss Rep out on Thursday to reflock her saddle so I jumped on the bandwagon and decided to try these saddles out to a) see what they felt like and b) see what would fit Remus.

So pretty, borrowed image PC Loxley Bliss website

I started out with a Loxley Event Monoflap (18 inch) but the wrong tree (medium) for Remus.  But it rode very nice (I didn’t jump in it because it was hot as F and we were in the small ring behind the barn so we didnt hav to walk as far). While maybe not as comfy as my Stubben with the biomex, it was pretty nice. The second monoflap I rode in had a wide tree (Loxley trees are adjustable so she swapped it out for Remus) but it was a 17.5 seat so we quickly figured out yep I need the 18 inch! Okay then.

Not a fan, thank god due to price tag (image borrowed from Loxley Bliss website go there for more info!

The next one I rode in was the top of the line Bliss Paramour Eventer monoflap. That was in a 17.5 as well.  I did not like this one at all which is good since that one runs about 5k. So how about that. Glad for once my butt did not sing in the nicest most expensive saddle. Also the short flaps? Were too short for me. Go figure. I can use regular flaps in this brand. Hmmm but it was definitely not comfy short flaps. Again good to know! 🙂

The last one I tried (it was so hot and by the time we put the fourth saddle on Remus, we were both dying from heat stroke) was the Loxley Jump Twin (without the upgraded leather). It was very comfy but oh my goodness so slippery. That was when she was like oh well we can upgrade you the leather. HA. I bet you can! 🙂

again borrowed from the website just to show you it was too damn hot for photos.

So I did like the double flap (last one) but would need upgraded leather. It is also a lot of bulk between me and Remus (Even more than the Antares I am currently riding in) and I am so used to a monoflap.

The fitter’s reputation was just as stated. She was very low key, and funny as heck. I definitely like her and trust her judgement. Also, prices are definitely reasonable with Loxley. The monoflap is $3390 out the door including customization.  Not horrible. It would take 9-10 weeks to get it though (due to England still being pretty shut down). She would have left me a saddle if I ordered today (the demo double flap) but life got in the way and I couldn’t get back there to meet her today (more on that later). I will have to ponder some more then call her or email her and place an order if I am going to do that. Right now all I want to do is crawl back into bed. But at least I got to try them. Oh and Remus is a wide in Loxley in case anyone was wondering. HA, no one? The double flap runs about $2650 with upgraded leather. Not shabby at all especially with all the customization included. If you want more info on these saddles go to Emily’s blog post from when she tried them. She is much more informative than me! 🙂

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And if you were me, what would you choose? Come on, I can take it! I need someone to take over my decisions for me! I clearly can’t make them.

Pop Tv GIF by Schitt's Creek - Find & Share on GIPHY

Hope everyone is having a much better weekend than us. Dad is having health issues and even was in the hospital last week. He is out now but I am at my wits end on what to do next. My sister is driving me insane (she stays with him) and I am like 900 miles away. I see a driving trip in the near future and with Tennessee Covid numbers rising still daily I just don’t know what to do (the fireworks tents were crammed chockablock all weekend with people so social distancing is NOT happening). So right now a new saddle is beyond my comprehension. I hope to get engaged again soon in life but right now I want a hard pass. I could sleep for a week. UGH.

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This is me.  I went out and bought a bottle of Sangria and a bottle of Pinot Grigio last night. I haven’t had a drink in months but DAMN I needed it! HAHAHHA

And yes I am publishing this today because who knows what will be happening by Monday.  Playing it safe and posting today!


19 thoughts on “Saddle Shopping and Life: Both Kind of Suck Right Now!

  1. Ooohhhh so many decisions. Honestly, I’d probably try a different brand if there was nothing you were absolutely in love with. Why not look for your old Stubben in an 18″?

    Also, that Schitt’s Creek gif is everything. Hope your dad is ok!

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  2. Yikes, sorry about all that is going on! I hope your dad is ok. And as for the saddle, well at least you’ve got some options? And no one wants to ride when it’s hot so you’ve got some time to decide!

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  3. Oh no! I hope your dad is okay ❤

    Hmm. Honestly, just for Remus' overall wideness, I'd go with a monoflap. It is so different riding Amber (who as you know is a BARREL just like Remus) in my jump monoflap vs my double-panel dressage saddle. I feel so much closer to her body, and actually more stable in the monoflap because I don't feel quite like I'm on a barrel lolol. As other people stated, it really doesn't seem like you were feeling a THIS IS THE SADDLE moment with any of the ones you tried, especially since you really seemed to love your Stubben. I would also hold out and try to find that Stubben monoflap in an 18" 🙂

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  4. Well, I know how freaking impossible finding a 18” Stubben zaria in a 29cm tree with normal flaps is w/o spending 5-6k so… it comes down to what you want out of a saddle. It needs to fit you, it needs to fit Remus, and you need to feel secure. Beyond that, the decision for all the extras are up to you. Those are the wants vs needs (both are ok). But, you may have to decide that if your wants are so important to buy new because I don’t think the used Stubben is really out there unless you’re willing to sit and wait and borrow for month or even a year. (I’m still checking listings for you regularly)

    Thinking about your dad too.

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  5. Sorry about your dad. Taking care of elderly is really hard and the distance has to be making it worse.

    As for the saddle – I’d pass on the Loxely. You don’t sound super excited about it and saddle are too darn expensive to not love it. If you really want a monoflap, keep looking. Or if you can, save up and buy the Stubben you love new. Its a huge purchase but you know it fits and you know you love it.

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    1. Thanks Sara I appreciate it! and yeah I know. I found a Stubben but not in the panels i wanted so I passed Like a damn needle in haystack Hope you are doing well!


    1. thank you I actually know Brooks but alas my legs are too short (and Brooks are too long)!! I used to ride at her stable all the time when I lived up there. If I could figure out how to make my legs longer that saddle would be on its way to me 🙂 Thank you!!


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