Remus Lesson Recap

it twas gross. See Remus for proof. UGH. So gross that humidity

I swear time is on fast forward lately. I just can’t seem to get more than one or two blog posts a week. Not that a lot is happening either so let’s go with that, okay?

Pop Tv Fear GIF by Schitt's Creek - Find & Share on GIPHY
Man three Schitt’s Creek’s gifs today. They make me so happy….Dangersome is a great word 🙂

Anyway it is hot in Tennessee. How hot? 110-115 heat index some days, temps in high 90’s humidity over the top some days, some days quite pleasant. I had a lesson on Friday morning and as luck would have it I set it early but the humidity was already there when I got to the barn. UGH.  I know you guys in Texas and even up in the North East have it so much worse but it is just sapping my energy completely. And the grass keeps growing even though we haven’t had rain so I still have to cut grass (as Mark does and he uses the push mower) in this horrible weather. Also you can’t wait till evening for it to cool off to do the grass (because it never cools off) and the mornings are cooler but the grass is wet then. ARGHHH ANYWAY moving on.

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For the lesson we tried to keep it simple. We warmed up (yeah I am funny, using words like warmed up since it was already hot as F) basically trotting both ways and finally cantering to try to wake REMUS UP. OMG so lazy. He had been out all night and obviously had not slept because he was trying to sleep with me on him. I woke him up a bit then we popped over some crossrails to wake him up some more. Then she sent me over the crossrails to the smaller vertical. (She has learned to just say hush to me when I start bitching, she has now seen the photos of me and Remus jumping up in PA so she is like not listening now arghh). I of course went to the vertical and literally unplugged my brain and faded to nothing and we barely got over it. Seriously my go to move is to freeze up and stop riding and Remus is like sure no worries. He still takes me over (Thank God he is not a refuser because the way I ride he would be a dirty stopper by now) but we need to be united in our goal of going to the jumps. The next time we went over, we were deep to the base but I actually rode and it was pretty good.  Then we just popped over a few more and were done. It was SO HOT. I just can’t. Remus either.

These guys say it is hot too

In other news, I still haven’t found a saddle. Literally the hardest find a needle in the biggest haystack there is.

Loooking for her integrity or honor.. Needle in a haystack ...
Me and Emily (or Sarah or Holly or…..)

I did get photos though of Remus for a saddle fitter (the one I bought my Stubben with up North) since I found one Stubben that might have worked ( a bit smaller tree) but her eagle eye caught another issue on that saddle. But doesn’t Remus look marvelous?? The butt is never going away (mine either) but he is in great shape right now!!

IMG_7178 (1)
How many cameras were on him? HA

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IMG_7181 (1)
He looks good. He has gotten in better shape during this pandemic. Not the same as me for sure HA!

So onward on my saddle search. Keep on sending them guys. Stubben 29 tree, 18 inch seat. Other brands wide tree, 18 inch saddles. It has to be out there. SOMEWHERE!

Funny Pictures Without Captions Or Words Gif - cool attitude captions
I love Moira..that is all. Pretty much all answers to life can be shown by using her gifs. 🙂

Happy Monday all (if that can even be a thing!)….


16 thoughts on “Remus Lesson Recap

    1. I just got a bit sad realizing I may not ever get to ride May now that you are moving west. Let me stop to shed a tear. ANYWAY, Remus does take over but not very well 🙂 HA he needs my support. But seriously if he was a shittier horse he would totally refuse. A lot. HA

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  1. Remus looks so svelte!!!! And omg the HEAT. The humidity has really been unbearable on top of upper 90’s heat index 100+. Gross. But at least you have cute hell cats to cuddle!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This heat and humidity has been killer. I was doing sooo good doing the prescribed number of rehab rides but then I went back to work and no way am I riding in the evening at 100+ degree heat index. Ugh. Remus is looking great.

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  3. Yeesh that’s some heat+humidity! I think I’d rather actually have the humidity LOL It’s seriously an oven when you walk outside here. It’s a sad day when anything less than 110 feels like “a break from the heat.”
    Remus looks lovely! Glad you had a good (albeit hot!) lesson!

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  4. Hey! I’m not sure if you remember me– I rode with you occasionally in Sally lessons and still love to check out what Remus is up to. Anyway I recommend checking out the second-hand Stubben Facebook group, I know someone is selling an 18″ Zaria with a 29 tree.

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    1. awww I miss lessons with Sally and all of you I rode with! 😦 Glad you are following along> I have joined that and hope I can find something soon thanks I need to go look been offline a couple days!!


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