Cat Days of Summer Are Upon Us

we have another fawn (yes this is a tiny one)!

Still hot. Still summer. Not only are the dogs enjoying the air conditioner the cats enjoy it as well. And why do dogs get all the glory? So Cat Days of Summer it is!


I think the donkeys would like to come in as well. They in fact escaped today and I had to literally round them up with the side by side (They were on the next door neighbor’s land). How they actually ran into the right gate instead of booking it down the road I don’t know. Any one want some cute donkeys? I am ready to get rid of them today. I did hook fence back up and locked them in the paddock. Little jerks.

Judging me. I don’t care they are jerks!

I had a lesson on Friday last week and now forgot anything I did except I do think I only jumped verticals in order to get the stuff over with faster. Less jumping means getting back in the air conditioner faster. Win Win πŸ™‚ Remus was a good boy no matter.

no new photos of Remus so cute cats instead!

We had a birthday weekend since Mark, Dad, me, and my sister all share our bithday on July 26th. It was a hot weekend so it was pretty lowkey. But that is okay. Our neighbor brought us slabs of ribs he had smoked and we also had hotdogs and other cold salads etc so it was a great birthday celebration. I also learned how to make orange crushes (yum).Β  They were delicious and so refreshing!


Otherwise just trying to stay cool and also trying to keep grass cut. We are going to get a shitload of rain this week so I need to finish the grass up (I got shortchanged when a storm NOT on the weather forecast showed up a couple days ago when I was trying to cut). Ended up having to gun it to the barn to pull tractor in there before we both got soaked. Wait five minutes, the weather will change for sure!

The sky is angry my friend…

Hope everyone is chilling and taking it easy as well. I have another lesson on Saturday but pretty sure it might get rained out. We could use the rain though the ground is hard even though we got buckets dumped on us right after that photo above was taken!

hard to see but the fawn is nursing in this photo

I think the other doe and her fawn moved on as I haven’t seen them but this is a new doe and a new fawn. How adorable are they? So cute.Β  Sorry for the shaky video but I was trying not to startle the doe while getting closer! HA

Pretty sure I started this yesterday but now it is Tuesday. So Happy Tuesday!

8 thoughts on “Cat Days of Summer Are Upon Us

    1. I am always envious of your winters when we have summers πŸ˜‰ But i hope you get more rain soon. So far we havent gotten the four days of rain promised us yet….


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