Happy Fall Weather…Almost

Tiny hummingbird cold at 41 degrees….

Tennessee can’t make its mind up, it’s been 41 degrees or lower in the early morning and 60s during the day which has been amazing. But today a small heatwave came through (it was 50s this am) and going to be low 80s the next couple days. I don’t mind though I do have a lesson tonight but it’s not summer heat at least.

Bernie with a fellow doggie daycare friend. Their eyes crack me up 🙂

And with the days getting shorter it has no option but to cool off faster at night. So it doesn’t get that hot. The only issue of it hitting the 80s the next couple days is I am sure the bugs will be back it has been wonderful without them!! My donkeys agree!

Disgruntled GIFs | Tenor
Me to Remus (and Poppy to me in the same lesson) HA

Otherwise work is crazy and Remus is cranky. We had a lesson on Friday that wasn’t the best. Part was I am so stressed from work and not sleeping well so I wasn’t thinking great. And Remus was cranky! So we gotta work that out. One thing we are going to try is Adequan. (Wonder if they can try that with me my shoulders are killing me again?)

Ollie says hi

Remus has been maintenance free all of his 18 years so that has been wonderful, but our vet said this is what they would start with trying to see if we can make him a bit less cranky. Fingers crossed it helps! Time will tell. Not sure when it will begin but going to barn today so hopefully will learn more. Also, we hopefully have a clinic at the barn this weekend if it doesn’t rain (which knowing my luck it will)!

I just can’t with these two, how cute are they?

I hope where everyone is you are enjoying some nice Fall weather (if you are a place where Fall happens). It’s Wednesday! Almost the weekend. Except I work again this Saturday for my events. Oh well. 🙂 Is October over yet?

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6 thoughts on “Happy Fall Weather…Almost

    1. Thanks Stacie it is a work in process with him (AND I had one and have no idea where it went, I will order a new one…i had an injection in my ac joint years ago and i think it has worn off. the other shoulder bothers me. I honestly think with this work load and working from home i am aggravating it more sitting at the desk. UGH.


  1. It is starting-ISH to feel like fall here lol We’re in the same boat where it’s 90s in the day but it’s cooling off to a lovely 65-ish at night (60s is gorgeous after the 100s lolol). As for your shoulders, I highly recommend using the Sore No More Ultra Performance gelotion for your aches and pains. I buy so many bottles and slap that shit on myself, but I’ll tell you, it works wonders. I can take meds, but what really helps my seized neck muscles around my bulging disc is the sore no more. Sore ankle? Twinging knee? It works great. That stuff also works wonders for Amber for helping the arthritis in her knee and stifle after she’s worked or played a bit harder than usual. I do think the Ultra is best tho since it has arnica in it and I don’t think the others do. Hopefully Remus will be feeling better again and will be back to his old, non-cranky self!

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