Around The Farm…

Animal Crossing New Horizons GIF
Maybe one of my husband’s favorite Nintendo games…LOL

Not much to report lately hence no blogging this week, though I do have a wine and ride at the barn tonight (socially distanced, with masks, of course!). I haven’t ridden all week so looking forward to seeing Remus.

On #WorldPinotNoirDay, we raise a glass to wine in pop culture

I am still dragging a bit though mood wise, so hoping horses and laughing helps. With a dash of wine because wine of course helps all (Ask Patsy and Eddie!).

Meanwhile at the farm, we finally got some more gravel work done. I think it looks FANTASTIC and can only add to the resale IF we end up selling. Otherwise I am just putting one foot in front of the other.

After: so much better, parking spot for trailer AND other cars!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful (socially distanced, safe) Thanksgiving planned if you are American. The rest of you not in the States, I hope you have a wonderful safe, socially distanced week as well! 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving Gifs Animated - Free to Share
I can’t help laughing at Jack and Karen (re Will & Grace)

You Can Thank Science for Helping You Cook an Awesome Thanksgiving Dinner |  BEYONDbones
Nor at Joey with his maternity pants on ready to eat turkey!

Of course it is abnormally warm right now in TN so does not feel like Thanksgiving week is upon us. I need some Fall-like weather. Soon I hope!

What are your plans for Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it). Are you planning on low-keying down and not traveling? Inquiring minds wanna know!

12 thoughts on “Around The Farm…

  1. The gravel look awesome!

    My sister and brother in law are coming up from Texas. We will do lunch at my mother in law’s and then dinner at my house. No traveling for me since I am 35 weeks pregnant, that’s why sis and bro in law came to me. Ha. Two Thanksgivings isn’t ideal (I can’t eat that much food currently) but since baby is due December 27th, we don’t be going to MIL’s for Christmas. So two Thanksgivings it is.

    It’s cold and rainy here today. It was sleeting earlier. Totally feeling like winter. I hope the weather man isn’t wrong and it’s in the 50s to low 60s later this week as predicted.

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    1. thank you! I got your card SO CUTE!! I am glad you are staying safe but I hope you get some nicer weather!! Wow 35 weeks already!! 🙂 SO CLOSE it will be here before you know it! HA!


      1. Glad the card made it. 🙂 I hurried up to get my cards out while I’m still feeling well, lots of people asked why I was sending them already. lol. It is getting so very close. I’m nearly to the point of being 100% over being pregnant, but freaking out about having an actual baby. I mean my son survived and is thriving, but newborns are intimidating to me. lol

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  2. What a difference that gravel makes! Good call there!
    We’re not doing Thanksgiving this year. My mom is high risk and since I’m going to the barn refularly, it’s better not to risk her well being. We’ll make our own meals and then do a Facetime while we eat them.


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