Pretty sure he tore it chasing donkeys on the other side of the fence. He also enjoys rolling….bad dog

As some of you on Insta and Facebook saw, Ollie tore his ACL a few weeks ago. He is managing to get around while we try to get his insurance straightened out before doing surgery. Yes he is the only dog I have insurance on. So you can be sure I am going to use it. But of course you have to jump through some hoops before you can get preauthorization, so here we are waiting. (Waiting for the vet to fill out the paperwork for me they will be hounded by me tomorrow).

He does love his Back on Track ( that I bought for Gretchen who is so spry at whatever age she is, doesn’t really need it.) So Ollie it is!

I know some of you commented on social but anyone else have ACL stories to share? Thanks and think good thoughts for Ollie. He is fine and not really that bad but he is pitiful when he can’t get up on the steps or waits for me to life him on the couch. Poor guy. We are his third owner (SPCA in DE) so he is very special to us.

Newt is not ready for Monday

Also can you freaking believe it is Monday already? WTF weekend. Slow down. Also how is February too already? So, I had a lesson on Friday that went great. More later this week!

At least someone (AKA Jake) is ready for work!!
how I feel about Monday, anyone else??

12 thoughts on “Ollie

  1. Poor Ollie! My black lab tore his ACL jumping into the pool (obviously he led a rough life LOL) He had the surgery, and other than the 6ish weeks of leash walking that made both of us miserable, it went great.


  2. My childhood dog tore her ACL, as did my brother’s GSD. My best friend has rehabbed both of her extremely active hiking dogs from ACL ruptures. It’s very common but very doable! The rehab can be a pain but if you stick to the plan it will be okay.

    One thing you should know but is by no means guaranteed: many dogs who have done one ACL will do the other. I don’t know if it’s compensatory stress or what, but it’s a known correlation.

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    1. thank you yes, my vet (and others told me the same thing). He is not a big dog which is odd in itself. Usually larger dogs (like GSD etc) do this. I think he literally slipped in the mud chasing donkeys. Dumb dog (He still tries to do it he will have to be on a leash for sure as he is a pain like that, he also thinks he is a BIG dog so maybe aspirations? HA) THANK YOU!


  3. Little dogs can do it too. My sister’s dog had to have both done and she wasn’t big. My only advice is to get a specialist surgeon if possible. My barn buddy had her regular vet do it and then had to have it redone by a specialist…

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  4. Unfortunately we have lots of first hand experience with CCL ruptures here. Herbie did both of hers. We rehabbed the first one with PT to about 90%. She’s not a candidate for surgery because she’s high risk under anesthesia. Two and a half years later, she tore the other CCL with meniscus involvement. I went to a surgery consult at Red Bank but they referred us to My Pet’s Brace instead. She got around ok on that for a while. It has now been four years since the first CCL and two since the second, and it is starting to catch up to her. She has arthritis all over and needs to be carried up and down the stairs. I often wonder if she would have been better off with surgery, but it was such a big risk. Currently, Julio is on two weeks of “stall rest” and meds because he came up lame on his knee over the weekend. We are hoping it’s just a strain, but suspect he’ll be needing TPLO surgery in the next few weeks. It seems like such a design flaw, especially with big dogs, but the good news is that the surgery is usually really successful and the dogs tend to bounce back like nothing ever happens. I’m hoping that will be your experience. Keeping Ollie in my thoughts, and you too of course.

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  5. Our little rescue dog has had a full recovery from ACL surgery. He had a total rupture at age 14 1/2, so his age was a big concern about whether or not to do the surgery. The only other choice was euthanasia, so of course we went ahead with the surgery. The toughest part was that he had to be crated after the surgery, and we all hated that. Once the incision was healed, he started physical therapy. That was huge in his recovery. He is 16 years old now, and going strong. One note – did they tell you you will need to keep Ollie off your hardwood floors, or cover them? They are a slip hazard after surgery, and you sure don’t want to take a giant step back in recovery.

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