Victory, Loss, and Hope While Looking Forward

How the hell did you get up there Jake (Devil cat)!

All the horses, donkeys, cats, and dogs are fine. Humans are also fine. It has just been another shitty week in a series of shitty weeks, months, and a year.


I have to get this off now how do I do that?

I finally got my father lined up for his first Covid vaccine. After all the loopholes to get him signed up, the actual event had very little fanfare. Kudos to my county for having a safe and not crazy method to get an 85-year old man vaccinated. So that was a victory this week. Also hopefully in the near future Mark and I can get vaccinated too!


A very close friend of the family died today up in VA. I am so upset I can barely type. He was in his 40s and a wonderful talented, musical, fun-loving person. He was one of my mom’s favorite people and I have to hope if there is a Heaven they are both up there now kicking back drinking Mojitos and gossiping together. Life is so heartbreaking at times.

Hope and Looking Forward

dogs in a row

This is enough to get me to start thinking about life in general. I need a new doctor as my second doctor in as many years has moved on. I need to get bloodwork and I need to LOSE weight as does Mark. Life is so effing short. If something happens to me not only is my dad going to be lost but my husband, and my animals too.

Remus needs his stifles injected. Hoping that after doing that he will be more comfortable and we can do some things this summer. I would love to do a real event again. He is 19 in April. Time is ticking. He is doing great overall though and is the absolute best!

Remus with a little kid on him (I tried to cut her out and got her back but omg so stinking cute right?)

Yes I bought a filly. Every time I go to blog about her something happens. I am hopeful she will be be my new lower-level (what else will I ever do right?) event horse down the road once Remus is retired. She is cute and flashy but right now she is living back at her breeders due to my donkeys being idiots and not making friends with her. I have someone interested in the donkeys and once they get them I will bring her home and find a companion for her. I am looking forward to hauling her over to Trinity for some life lessons and also just having fun with her. She seems like a smart filly and will be a year in April so we have time. No papers but I know both her parents (the sire died before they could transfer the breeding papers and as I don’t even have Remus’s papers) so I don’t care. IF she ends up not being what I want, someone will want a flashy pleasure horse I am sure. And the reason I am not saying her name is I am not a fan of it and may be changing it.

This was her as a baby. I hope she sheds out buckskin or dun but she is white now due to winter hair!! She is pretty fugly right now in her gangly stage HA

Victory, loss, and hope. As we come up to our full year of COVID craziness very soon, I wish everyone good health and happiness and if you can, hug your loved ones close. If you can get the vaccine GET IT. Some of our counties and bordering states are relaxing restrictions way too fast. UGH!

Let’s get some normal life back so we can seize the day!

Carpediem Robin Williams GIF - Carpediem RobinWilliams DeadPoetSociety -  Discover & Share GIFs | Dead poets society, Dead poets, High school movies
This movie always tugs my heart and even more so today….

9 thoughts on “Victory, Loss, and Hope While Looking Forward

  1. what a devastating loss, i’m so sorry for you and your family’s loss ❤ i'm glad other parts of life are feeling more hopeful — esp re: the new filly!


  2. I am so sorry for your loss. This year. And last year. I feel your pain.

    My mom got her first COVID shot today – hooray! I think we need to celebrate the small victories. I’m pumped for the new filly too (and jealous). Can’t wait for that new adventure for you!

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