Media of a Fat Buckskin Posting Soon! Until Then a Catch Up of Random Things!

simply wild right?

Remus got his stifles done this week. I get to ride him again this weekend so will see how more springy he may be. But before we did that we had a lesson last weekend and I got VIDEO. Thanks to Erin who came home from school for a weekend I got VIDEO. It was great. Then the week went nuts workwise and I haven’t posted diddly! OH well. Never fear!! They are coming. I just ran out of time today so will post this weekend.

How he feels about all this stuff

It has been a busy week. I got new boots (well new to me). Hannah from MD (Hannah why are you not blogging? HMMM, well she does have a baby dragon Thoroughbred she does have a Facebook page for so follow her, thanks!) posted them on Facebook and I saw them and went well let’s try those (mine broke and my Ariats are too tight in calves). These were a very decent price. A pair of Mountain Horse boots that are bit different. Well yes please. They are comfy too and even though a bit big in the foot they ZIP! UP MY ENTIRE CALF. Miracles do exist. HA.

Cute and styling too! Who dis? Not me for sure!

Then Hillary (WHO DOES BLOG) posted a bunch of stuff on Facebook. And I bought a PS Sweden quarter sheet from her right when all the snow came (and yes it has been 70s since, you are welcome Memphis). So then I reached out and said what you got cob sized. And I bought a bridle from her. So now I have three bridles for one horse. Yeah no clue why but it is pretty (though not put together yet so just look at the pretty purple paper she wrapped it in (Does she know me or what she had me at the color of the packaging) and browband. It is from Epplejack (yeah thanks Amanda for turning Hillary onto this). I love the way it looks. Good leather etc. Looking forward to trying it on Remus.

Spy that browband. How pretty is that going to look on a fat buckskin??
No description available.
Not my horse but it does showcase the bridle very nicely
No description available.

So I spent a fortune this month on shots, stifles, bridles, and boots. I am starting to think my friends are out to get me. I kid I kid. Also getting ready to sign up for a CT in March (I think….still waffling). And we have Hilda’s clinic again in April. Things are happening. More to come. Videos to come I promise. Have a great weekend all!

Always good to have a cat around after a lesson 🙂 Massage therapy!

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