The Final Countdown

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How can it be less than 48 hours before I leave my old job to embark on a new beginning? It still feels surreal. I will miss some of my coworkers like crazy but I am so ready for a fresh start I feel giddy almost.

ummm hello I need that Chrome book Newt! SMH

Due to last minute clean up of Outlook, last minute meetings passing tasks to the next person, and just general crazy workload, I haven’t gotten out to see Remus. I have a lesson this weekend and then I am off next week so hope to get two lessons in next week.

useless twosome!

I had a lesson last Friday where it was hot and I still felt a bit sketchy from my shot. Yes I got the Johnson and Johnson one last Wednesday and of course as you see on the news report they took it off because of a few reactions. My luck right? How scary it is when you have something injected in you and then this happens. Except for a still kind of sore arm, no real side effects. But still. I know I am not the demographic (aka I am way past birth control pills) but still it is scary. Mark gets his second Moderna shot on Monday then we are all vaccinated!

But back to the lesson, Remus had gone out overnight for once so he was lazy (ha more than usual anyway). I was unmotivated and in a fog. It was not good. Also Remus. Just once could you make more of an effort in going FORWARD, no?? Okay then. Someone posted this pony jumping and zooming on Facebook this week and I said if I could get 1 percent of that pony injected in Remus maybe we could go forward more? Waiting for science to catch up on that so we could do that, ha!

Tina also being helpful!

Anyway we finished and were done and I was glad. Let’s hope since this weekend won’t be as hot we have a better lesson.

Lastly, some of you know my donkeys went to a new home! I was pretty upset when they left because I felt like such a bad owner, but after receiving this video I can’t be happier. Getting their feet done (which was SO NEEDED). They are coming along great there so am very happy! YAY.

And that is it for me this week. Hopefully I can get some media of me and my horse this weekend or next week.


13 thoughts on “The Final Countdown

  1. With 6 people getting blood clots, I wouldn’t worry too much. The odds are more than 1 in a million… On a different note, I still love that Remus picture. LOL. And can we figure out how to make are cats less useless? Work on that during your time off…

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    1. What Sarah said, don’t worry about the J&J vaccine. If this was any other vaccine or medication, and the odds of blood clots were that low, it would still be on the market. You’re risk of blood clots from Covid, birth control, or even long haul flights are much, much higher.

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