Quick Check In

Im Busy Out Of Office GIF by CBC - Find & Share on GIPHY | Schitts creek,  Creek, Pop culture fashion
This Gif totally encapsulates my days right now!

Sorry for being so out of pocket. Started the new job on Monday which is unnerving to say the least let alone when you haven’t started a new job in over 10 years! Yeah. So far all is fine but it is a lot of information to learn (and a LOT of orientation meetings too!) and I quickly went from the person who knew EVERYTHING (at old job) to now the person who knows NOTHING (at new job)! It will all come but for now, just trying to absorb all the information on it all. I don’t have much media so for now enjoy my cats in all their sleepy glory. They are rotten, if I do say so myself!

I have a lesson tonight. It is muggy and humidity is at like seven thousand plus one out there, so that should be fun. Remus will be full of the joys of spring (no, he won’t) and me either. But my time is not as flexible as it was last week (when I was off work) so I have to ride when I can ride rather than trying to do it in the middle of the day.

I do enjoy the structure at the new job. From no structure to mega structure. Not that that is a bad thing. Again just a learning phase to get through. They are all so welcoming and nice and seem happy to have me. I think I may have PTSD from my old job sometimes as I just keep waiting for the hammer to fall and it doesn’t. Didn’t realize how bad I was stressed at the old job (well yes I did but still).

Otherwise, my old paddock fence (FAREWELL OLD RUSTY BARBED WIRE) is down and half my new fence (HELLO PRETTY WELDED WIRE FENCE) is up. I am very excited to have this project done. I hired a teenager to do it (after having no luck finding a pro to do it without taking out a second mortgage HA) and while he is doing a great job he is not the most dynamic to deal with. I am hoping he gets back this week with his friend to finish it. I offered them a bonus for finishing this week so let’s see if they go for it.

Hopefully once that is done I can bring the ‘Filly’ home. She is growing like a weed. SO MUCH GROWING GOING ON. She is standing by a three year old percheron gelding in these photos and not looking too small. Yikes. She also officially turned one year old last week!!

Happy hump day all!

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