Is It Friday Yet?

To be fair, Remus made this face not because the week was dragging on but because he made a stupid move and tried to eat a whole apple with a bit in his mouth. Work smarter, not harder, Remus! 🙂

The week is dragging but also flying by if that makes any sense. I have been trying to write on this blog every day and dropped the ball until today. Work is going well but is busy and I am stll trying to learn everything so it is kind of stressful. We have also had a shit ton of rain so riding hasn’t been at the front of my thoughts. I did get a lesson in last week (like a week ago yesterday!). Remus was good (I think, I am not sure, it was so long ago but yes I think he was good but it was muggy as F so he was lazy and I literally had to turn my spur into him several times to get him to MOVE THE F FORWARD). Yes it is all coming back to me now!

Céline Dion - It's All Coming Back To Me Now on Make a GIF
Me repressing my lessons. LOL

I have another lesson this Saturday and next weekend is the Hilda Clinic (SO excited). I have taken a person from Trinity to the dark side and have gotten her to sign up as well. It is all part of my evil plan. You are welcome Mandy.

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Does it yes, Yoda!

Meanwhile my fence is no closer to being done. At least the gross barbed wire is pulled down but now I literally have a quarter of a fence kind of done. So no closer to having horses out there any sooner. UGH. I am sure it is going to boil down to Mark and me doing it which is not my idea of a good time. LOL. Stay tuned. And that is it for the week for me.

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seriously willing to pay good money to finish this fence. Why me??

Hope everyone is having a fantastic week and riding more than I am right now.

coworkers slacking on job per normal you just can’t find good help anymore hahahahha

3 thoughts on “Is It Friday Yet?

  1. Ugh. Fences are the most annoying things in the world. It’s nearly impossible to find someone to install them. I hope you get it done without having to do yourself!
    Hope things calm down soon and you can more riding in!

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