Head West, They Say (No Thanks I Say!)

Heading off to my first convention in over 2 years with a new company. I am excited to meet more of my coworkers in person but not excited to be traveling 4 plus hours on a plane in a mask with idiots. Nor to be going to San Fran. But anyway…

it was insane how much ice and snow we got the other week! BRGHH and it was cold enough for snot to freeze. Ask me how i Know!

I know the radio silence has been huge. I have not blogged in forever, I haven’t even seen Luna! I have managed to ride Remus most weeks except the ice week from hell.

how cute is this though? Cant wait to get it to her barn!

I am back Sunday and then hell year will be better. I have worked myself to the bone working 10-15 hour days (including working weekends) and trying to keep up with it all. I am planning on sleeping a full day when I get back. At least. Maybe two!

that is ice. two days later. On the trees. INSANE

Thank you all for waiting patiently for me to start writing again. This is the longest I have gone but something had to give and the blog was it. Think good thoughts for Mark as he tends not only my dad for the week but the dogs, the minis, the cats (pray for the cats) and the tropical fish.

Going Crazy Owen Wilson GIF
me lately!
those poor trees!

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