Traveling (in a plane): Ugh

Disclaimer I did not get a cat toy in my bark box this month that is a real cat 🙂

I have ridden Remus in a lesson or two, he feels superb after his Adequan cocktail so yay. He is almost bouncy which my long-term followers know NEVER happens! But this post is not about Remus, or Luna, or the minis, or any of the other critters!


This is about trying to travel (again) in the Covid era. And also living in Memphis is not the ideal place to get A) good prices on flights, B) flights with good times, or C) get anywhere across the country in less than 8-10 hours. So I am grumpy after looking at flights all week. Anyone else in this predicament? I miss the Northeast big time (Except while it is FRIGID here in TN, I don’t think we have a winter blizzard on our plates this weekend unlike the NE!).

yes I am!

We are having our convention in San Fran in a few weeks. I am excited to go back to in person conventions but the rigmarole to get there and to actually put on an event with Covid in the world is not as fun as it was way back before Covid (I guess I went to convention in 2019 at my old company, don’t know, I think I have repressed it!).

Pretty sure I drove to the last convention a couple years ago, alas SF is too far!

My flight each way either means I get up at 2 am to get to the airport by 5 am. OR I get in at 10 pm at San Fran. Coming back is even worse due to the time diff. I can leave San Fran at 6 am and get home at 8 pm OR this one is even better leave at 8 am and get home midnight that night. I know there is a time diff but I don’t think there is any reason to have to sit in an airport for longer than 2 hours for a connection.

I despise flying

So this is just a lament being posted. My company pays for my flights but I feel guilty spending so much to fly so far and leave Mark to take care of everything. Anyone have any good hacks for flying so far and not getting jet lag as well??

like really despise it! and hate the people that bring the big bags onto the plane. LOATHE IT

I have a lesson this weekend so hopefully I get back to posting some horse stuff. Also the weather while cold as F right now (going to be 17 tonight), it will be back in the 50s the day of my lesson. So maybe I won’t freeze!

Happy Friday!

It is almost drink thirty I am sure!

7 thoughts on “Traveling (in a plane): Ugh

  1. I actually use that to my advantage when I visit east. Right after I get back to Vegas, it’s like “omg, I’m falling asleep at 9!!” cause falling asleep at midnight east coast almost resets my circadian rhythm lol
    One thing I can think of – we did have some friends fly from east coast into Vegas, rent a car to drive to LA where they were visiting family for Christmas. They said it was cheaper that way – but I don’t know if that’s something you’d want to do or look into. You could see if it works better to fly into Reno and then drive to San Fran…. Flights might be cheaper or have better departure/landing times…? I’m not sure but it’s a thought lol. I’m sorry traveling is so difficult!

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  2. You know, work is paying. They know where you live. They knew where you lived when they hired you. Figure out which is more convenient and just suck it up and stop trying to save them money when you’re going to work a bazillion hours anyway.

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  3. Sunshine and melatonin for time changes. As for flights, brace yourself as airlines are having fun times doing last minute cancellations. Make sure you have as few connections as possible.

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    1. yes another fear I have getting to my connection and having a cancelled flight on the second leg! Thanks sunshine yes. Today i sat and soaked the sun up as I sat on my horse it was lovelY 🙂


  4. Definitely spoiled with airline options here in CT. But ugh, that is a nightmare. I think much of the problem isn’t just your location but the lack of flights/crew to get everyone where they need to go. Hope things work out and aren’t too much of a nightmare for you!


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