Rinse and Repeat: Tennessee Weather Sucks

how many animals do you spot and do you think they missed me??

I made it through my convention and while exhausted it went really well. The first two days of convention I went to the staff meeting at 6 am (yes that early) and then went back to my room to work. For 10 hours straight on my computer. No down time for me! Wednesday I worked till 11 pm (PT) so to say I was tired is an understatement. I did not like San Fran at all and literally did not leave the hotel from Weds to Saturday evening. Door Dash for the win! But anyhoo it all is over now and now we begin the crush to planning the next one.

Tina’s expression is mine right now too..

Meanwhile in TN the ice storm cometh again and again. It rained yesterday a bit and sleeted its ass off a lot more. Then overnight viola another ice storm came. I locked the minis up over night as they were soaked yesterday and they while not happy were at least dry this am so I could put their blankies on and open the stall doors again. I don’t think they have ventured out yet but they can if they wish to and won’t get soaked too much.

just normal weather in TN

Supposed to be 50 degrees or close to it by Sunday THEN 60s and 70s next. GLORIOUS.

Otherwise I am hoping Fed Ex delivers our paperwork today for dad’s house sale (Memphis shuts the F down if we even get a single ice pellet so who knows) and otherwise work work work. I will ride Remus on Sunday and got to see Luna on Monday or Tuesday (brain is still foggy). She is growing like a damn weed. When will she stop? NO ONE KNOWS.

So big both yearlings! Wait Luna will be two in April EEK!

Anyway stay safe and warm all if you are in this nasty ass weather line. I hope to have more horse related info to blog about in the near future.

One note on both cross continental flights (UGH traveling sucked on the way back but that is another story) I watched Free Guy. If you have not watched it, watch it. I swear I have never laughed/smiled/enjoyed a movie like this since I don’t know when!! Yes violence etc. but so tongue in cheek it was a great plane movie. I usually can’t keep my attention watching a movie on the plane but this time I did and was wrapped up in it and could not believe how fast time flew (ha, pun get it?).

I plan to watch it again while not at 30k feet!

Seriously watch it!

8 thoughts on “Rinse and Repeat: Tennessee Weather Sucks

  1. All the cuddly animals! I’m glad your work trip went off without a hitch and you’re back at home. We’re getting the gross ice/sleet and the animals (horses and Bowie) are bored to death. Got some horse news on my side too – eeeks


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