Girth Recommendations (and a Luna update!)

Someone is growing up (and getting feisty!)

I had a fantastic flat lesson with Jenna yesterday in the small ring. It was low key and just what the doctor ordered, we worked on transitions and lateral work and just getting Remus to stop bulging his shoulder. The small ring is NOT Remus’s favorite ring and I remembered that five minutes into the lesson. Jenna suggests it is because most lessons (beginners etc) are in the small ring so Remus doesn’t think he should have to work hard in there. Oops I said. I also got NO photos or media at all. BOO.

Anyway I also tried a fellow boarder’s Antares saddle while lessoning. Poppy doesn’t enjoy teaching me in my Stubben (I have a bit of a chair seat in it and that doesn’t help me sit up and ride very well) and I have used Jenna’s Antares which against all odds fits Remus great and me despite being French and anti-QH. Samantha had an Antares (older) that doesn’t fit her new horse so she is selling it. I loved it. It feels comfy like an old pair of shoes you have had forever and also I feel very secure in it. The best part?? It is not crazy French-priced so I am going to buy it then I can keep my Stubben for eventing and use the Antares at the barn for lessons. Win win!

But I have not bought a real girth (AKA not a monoflap ) in like 6 or 7 years. Help me people. What do you recommend that A) will not break the bank B) that will clean up easily and C) will not slip? And go! Thanks in advance!

So big (though Jack is quite bigger than her)

Meanwhile, I saw Luna the first time in awhile on Sunday. She is getting big and going thru a bit of fuglies (Her neck was so long for awhile now it is a bit shorter than I like). She will be two in APRIL! How did that get here so fast!?? She is also shedding a LOT. Her and her friend Jack are just growing away. They could stop now! HA I need to start planning her two year old year soon. Whew. How did I get a young horse? Oh yeah I remember now πŸ™‚


Happy Monday (and thanks for all the kind encouragements from last week’s blog post. I do appreciate you all. ) And I figured out the GIFS! YAY

15 thoughts on “Girth Recommendations (and a Luna update!)

  1. I stick with leather girths or fleece because Amber literally leaps in anything grippy neoprene lol. I haven’t bought a long girth either so I have no clue lol. At least you figured out the GIFs!! Luna is looking good πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to see her more in action!

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    1. that is so funny how the horses are SO diff. LIke Remus could care less if i had baling twine holding the saddle on! πŸ™‚ Amber is very special! HA hope you are doing well!


  2. I use the cheapo fleece lined girths. I like the Dura tek one from Schneiders that’s sort of rubbery on the outside. But the fleece is natural not white which isn’t my favorite. They have a nylon one too with white that I also like.
    Used one of the pro choice ones on Jampy a few times, but the neoprene actually irritated him, and so I stay away from them now.
    Luna is looking so grown up! I can’t wait to see what you guys do this year!

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    1. That’s so interesting! I always used the fleece girths until Nay. He HATES them. He wants his saddle and girth to stay in place and not shift at all. There is too much movement with the fleece (meaning it has some give because I won’t make it so so so tight) where as the professional choice just stays even if I don’t tighten it). The anger the day I couldn’t find my girth and had to use a fleece one. He was pissed off the whole ride. LOL

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      1. I despise the fleece ones due to the fact that they pick up EVERYTHING. πŸ™‚ I did use a fleece one the other day on Remus, he could care less but i think it looks messy so I will def go with one of your recommendations or the others πŸ™‚ Thanks!

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