Poor Edward 2.0

ouch poor poor Edward

What a day. You go out to run some errands and do some appointments and some crazy wench runs right into you. Dad and I are okay mostly. But I am sad to say Edward 2.0 may not make it. I am hoping they can fix him.

My Edward still sparkles in sunlight

Not only is my truck hauled off to a tow yard but we are stuck in a small tiny Hyundai Accent till they figure it out. Talk about a downgrade! I miss Edward so much.

The cops think it is totaled, I hope they are wrong. We shall see. But now my Edward will have a huge blemish on its record and my truck that was worth so much yesterday morning is not worth so much now. Hate the world. OVER IT. OVER 2022 too!!


So first things, did you all know how bad airbags are when they go off? As in when they ALL GO OFF. Yeah no breathing at all. Plus you will cough and have a headache the rest of the day (Ask how I know). HORRIBLE. Dad could get out on his side but I had to crawl over my console into the back seat to get out. And then had to crawl back in that way to get stuff out of my truck. I am not sure if I am sore from the accident or from crawling all over the place like a turtle climbing a fence. Though that video below may show it being more graceful than me doing it!

Then we had to sit by the side of the (BUSY SHIT ASS) road with an 86 year old man (I made him go sit on a curb by the gas station as I didn’t want someone hitting him ). Cops showed up and were so nice and helpful. The girl was clueless and tried to make it out it was my fault. Cop just was like ummm, nope that truck had the right of way.

Then we had to get a ride to the rental place in the cop car. Fun. I was folded in half in the backseat with all my stuff. Once at the rental we waited over 2 hours for a car due to spring break. Sigh. The guy finally felt sorry for us and gave us this tiny ass Hyundai Accent to take. Felt like I was riding one of those toddler wind-up cars but we finally got home.

The cops took photos of the inside of my truck as they said they had never seen all the airbags go off like this. I feel like Edward took care of us, not that we were going that fast but it was an impact (Ouch I still feel it today). Also my glasses broke. UGH thank goodness I have my old pair but had to drive home without glasses which I can do but don’t recommend. Also now I am paranoid about people swerving into me.

Anyway, we are fine, the stupid silly girl is fine, and that was a horrible horrible day. Meanwhile Mark is away so he got a million texts from me (he is doing an audit for his company up in DC) and when he checked his phone he was freaking out.

He is home tomorrow thank goodness. I missed him BEFORE all this happened LOL.

The issue with my truck is not a terrible amount of damage but the breadth of damage done, two quarter panels, cracked grill, cracked windshield, hood crumpled, every airbag deploying, you name it. UGH.

Sure hope your week is going better than mine!! I think it is Friday today right? I don’t even know!

6 thoughts on “Poor Edward 2.0

  1. Oohhh nooooooo poor Edward! I’m glad you and your dad are okay tho! Yeah, I have a feeling that since the airbags went off the girl’s insurance is going to consider the truck “totaled.” Those things are about $1500 a pop (for a small car – it could be different for a truck) and would be the most expensive repair. I am surprised it did such a breadth of damage. It shouldn’t be too difficult or costly to fix the other damage, but those airbags…. That may be an issue. I hope they don’t though, and are willing to fix it!

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  2. Oh no! I’m so sorry! That is so scary! Especially with your dad in the car with you. Glad you were driving Edward when this happened and not the tiny rental! I hope they can fix him for you, and if not, I hope they reimburse you well enough to properly replace him. Glad the cops were able to piece things together properly and blame the correct party! Hope you’re feeling better asap!

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