Edward Update

You can’t keep a good vampire (I mean truck) down!

It seems that due to the way truck prices are nowadays and some other things they are going to repair Edward and not total him.

In one way this is amazing cause I miss him greatly, on the other there is a LOT OF REPAIRING GOING ON to make him whole again. I am sure glad he can be fixed and I will just keep him forever now but I am kind of surprised. The girl’s insurance is footing the bill. So yay? But god knows when I will have a truck again and spring has sprung and I have things to haul to in April!! This couldn’t have happened in January right?

Anywhere here is to the fairy tale, continuing! HA

Happy Friday!

3 thoughts on “Edward Update

  1. LOL GIFs are on point! hahaha That’s great they’re repairing it and someone else is paying for it! It was her fault anyway. Yeah, right?? Couldn’t have happened in January lol Well, I hope it still gets fixed sooner rather than later!

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