Who Wants Remus Media (albeit without me on him)?

Remus being naughty and also his quarter horse bloodline may not cut but it can do the moves! 🙂

I had a great lesson on Sunday, however, the only videos of me that made it is of me chipping in with Remus. NO ONE needs to see that again (my perfect line alas was not videoed, yes there was a perfect one!!).

Remus when those kids ask him to canter….

Anyhoo, Erin was visiting and she is the one who puts the fear of god into Remus when he is bad. Now he was not bad to me but he has been…ahem grumpy pants aka too old for this shit with the kids lately. So when Poppy said Erin is going to jump on him, my legs were hitting the ground asap as I figured I could get media. WIN WIN.

And media was gotten. SO MUCH MEDIA. I will try not to post them all (I have a hilarious one where I hit in slow motion by mistake). That is really really funny but not going to make you suffer through watching Remus go even slower than ever. You are welcome!

I think he looks fantastic (he had a bit of a moment in the far corner you will see a brief clip where I didn’t actually record his antics but did get the spin that came after it).

He was spanked for his misbehavior. Then he got down to work.

One of the other riders at the barn might ride Remus in the schooling show at Germantown this weekend. I can’t wait to see this and hope she does. She wants to ride in it and well the one thing about Remus is you can point and he jumps. So while not a hunter or a jumper he may make his debut next weekend! HA stay tuned for more media maybe.

How is it Monday already? Seriously! The weekends need to slow down or something!!

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