Remus the Rock Star

My horse was a star at the schooling show. The college kid who rode him wanted to show (she has been at college so hasn’t been riding so she asked for a horse and Poppy thought of Remus). I figured he would be out of his element especially once they told me they had signed him up for jumpers (okay .70 m but still! there were oxers!). And a LOT going on! Even though it was just a schooling show it was held at the Memphis in May showgrounds (AKA fancy as F!!).

Remus was a true rock star (okay he thought he was Angus but he really was more minion-like but still he embraced it all). Such a good boy.

AS had ridden him before but she was used to riding a pocket rocket horse rather than Remus so she really had to rethink her riding to push him on. But overall they did great. Could he have gone a bit faster, sure. Could he have been a bit tighter. Of course. But they had a blast, I got to watch (and video) and was so proud of my fat buckskin (and of AS too). Did he chip in? Of course but he jumped everything he was pointed out. Did he cross counter at times, well duh. Was he perfect? Nope. But I love him anyway.

They ended up winning two of their jumper classes. How I don’t know but anyhoo! The last jumper class she left a jump out and no wonder she had learned like five courses (including the jump offs) by then. So they were disqualified in that round. But Remus got some nice leg wraps and a day off the next day. The fat buckskin doesn’t jump that much even at events! I bet he slept good that night!! I hope she gets to ride him some more and do this again. I really think he enjoyed it a bunch!

AS waiting for the whistle

I was so proud watching them go. I did actually hit my leg hard in a move to try to make Remus move forward as I was videoing and I may have yelled at him a few times (under my breath). LOL. But what a great guy. To just roll up and show like that. He was SO excited to be out again in a venue. So funny to see him light up like that. He was like hold my beer I got this. Love this horse beyond.

And this is how Remus went to the jumper ring! Enjoy the videos!! I have even more but didn’t want to bore you too much!! Happy Wednesday!

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