A Quick Catch Up

Life is still nuts. Weather is still insane. And so on!

Remus is doing great in his lessons, I tried a Thinline pad with my new (to me) saddle and it worked so much better and my back didn’t hurt as much. I think my back misses the Stubben biomex seat so that makes sense. Need to buy a Thinline but my friend at the barn is letting me borrow hers for now so that is good.

Now if we could figure out my hip issues. I am still suffering though Advil Dual is like saving my bacon daily. I need to get a doctor appt for myself rather than shuttling dad to all his. UGH.

Otherwise, we have had torrential rain nonstop in Tennessee and my barn including first stall is currently under water. Luckily the middle stall stays dry so the minis have somewhere to go away from the weather. But I am annoyed. I have a call in with a landscaping company BUT they are 3-4 weeks out on estimates. Sigh.

AND FINAL ANNOYANCE??? Truck is still in limbo. Sounds like they are going to fix it or attempt to. Guess what the most up to date estimate is? Yeah we are talking 21k as of right now. WTAF. My rental is due to go back and they haven’t even made a final decision on my truck. I am NOT in a good place right now, just saying. Good thing we both don’t have a long commute but still. ANNOYED all the good events are passing me by and I can’t sign up since I don’t know when or if I will ever have a truck again. ARGHHHHHHH

So I am just perpetually pissed off lately. And how are you guys? LOL

And finally Easter is this weekend, if you celebrate then Happy Easter.

If not, Happy Sunday to you then hahahha!

4 thoughts on “A Quick Catch Up

  1. Oh man! I’m sorry about the truck limbo, what a nightmare! Hopefully they make a decision and get moving asap!
    Same with the wet barn. That blows. Hoping that gets fixed up for you asap too.
    Glad Remus is doing well though!

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  2. Hip problems. I can relate.
    Osteopathy, yoga and foam rolling have helped a lot. Its a regular curse though so I still have periodic acute phases when I need to rest/alleve. Heating pad is a nightly comfort.

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  3. Ick, I’m sorry about your hip and back pain! Those are the WORST. I’ve been fighting major back issues these past few months too. I wonder if your hip pain is from tight hip flexors? I have pretty tight hip flexors so I need stretches or foam rolling to release them, and it does help my riding a lot. I’m so sorry about all your other frustrations! Shouldn’t the insurance company be paying for that 21k of damage, or do they only cover a certain amount of it…? Ugh, you need Edward back pronto so you can have some fun with Remus!

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