Luna Update

Life is nuts but I went to see Luna this weekend and got a few photos of her.

Her mane is atrocious and is going to be pulled next time I am there, just need my tools. I can’t stand that scraggly mane. Hideous.

She is still growing and a bit wild (she would NOT stand still but was dying for grass so I get it).

Jack her friend was a bit distracted that she was out of the field and he wasn’t and he was being a bit of a pain, plus Mark was there with me so it was not a long visit. But I got to see her and also see some of those CUTE foals there right now (their mommies are getting rebred). OMG I think they were barrel horses but the foals were adorable (AND NO I didnt get photos they were so cute. The chestnut was to die for!)

And then I did what any responsible horse person would do, handed my two year old filly to my non-horsey husband and went to the barn to get some grooming things. Yes he lived! And so did she!

All I told Mark was if she does anything DO not let go!

Anything fun going on with you guys? I am so jealous of all of you that went to Kentucky. Jealous big time. Poppy from my barn along with others went and she said I need to go next year with them (They help out a vendor). YES I want to make it one year. First year was going, truck died, second year, covid, third year…and so on! Life sucks sometimes!

Also, I have semi-news on Edward the truck. Sounds like body work is done and they are just waiting for the rest of the airbag parts to come in!! FINGERS CROSSED!! PS it will be in the 90s next week so yep, my truck may get back in time to be too hot to haul anywhere. YAY (not)!

Re truck!!

7 thoughts on “Luna Update

  1. Good news about Edward! And between you, me and whoever else might read this, I think Luna’s mane looks cool (even though I know a neater and shorter mane suits the English disciplines). Love the color contrast between her mane and hair coat too. Stunning.

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  2. LOL look at her mane colouring! What is the lighter colour at the roots? It is going to be SO freaking hot next week and I am not looking forward to it at all

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    1. I call it her frosted tips?? No clue. We really think she is a dunskin instead of a buckskin which could explain the frosting. But I should do a color analysis of her with Davis. UGH ON HEAT 😦 Hope Dalton likes heat!!


  3. Luna is growing up so fast! She’s going to be SO gorgeous! Love all the colors in her mane, but agree, will be prettier when you neaten it up! Eros’ looks much like that right now… I hate pulling manes and just… don’t do it all that often. He looks like a really fancy mustang at this point. Lol!
    Glad Edward is close to being done! Hope he comes home soon!


  4. Her mane is scraggly but I’m sucker for those frosted manes! There were quite a few buckskins I worked with who had the frosting in their manes and a bit in their tails. I think I heard them called guard hairs…? But I’m not positive lol. She’s looking absolutely lovely tho, and such good news about Edward! Crossing all the crossables for you!

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