Small Business Shout Out (Again)

It just spoke to me 🙂

I can’t even blame Amanda this time. Which truly pains me since I love to blame her for everything.

I have bought from this business three times now (really more since I also bought Xmas gifts here before. But I do love me some cute horsey bags and Outfoxed does it right every time!

Outfoxed posted this bag on Facebook the other day (I maybe should start unfollowing this business, right? NO way ha!) and I literally bought it in like five minutes.

I got it yesterday and (yes fast shipping, small business shout out for the win) it is just as pretty in person. Such a cute purse to just put a few cards in and a phone and off you go. I have a cross body one in blue that I do love but this is smaller and easier to fit in a travel bag etc. The fact that it is purple had no sway on my buying it (SHOOT YOU GUYS KNOW ME and know she had me at purple).

Her stuff always comes packaged so cutely as well and again PURPLE give me all the purple!! If you don’t have a bag from Outfoxed yet, go take a look at the link above and buy one! You won’t be sorry!

so pretty a purple…

There are stock ties, key fobs, bags, and more on her site. Go ahead, take a look. And you are welcome!

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