Remus Update

Remus is doing just fine! I have had weekly lessons, he has been adjusted, massaged, and injected to his heart’s content. He is lazy but spicy, good natured and bitchy at different times and just living his best life!

also thought of trying to escape…

It is also Remus’s favorite time of the year. SUMMER CAMP TIME (No really he loathes it I think, last year they had to give him a week off of Summer Camp cause he got grumpy about it HA!, normally he loves kids climbing all over him. But he gets tired of it quickly).

How Remus really feels about summer camp at times!

But he and Jack (his best friend!) got to interact with Summer Camp this week without being involved. See the kids were playing with pool noodles running races. And um…Jack and Remus decided they would play too! Goofy horses!

They crack me up.

IF I EVER GET MY TRUCK BACK (who knows? It is not holding the programming on the new airbags as of the other day), Remus and I have places to go and people to see. I am so tired of having a trailer and no truck. SIGH!

5 thoughts on “Remus Update

  1. It is hard to get all the stars aligned sometimes. I have had a truck with no trailer and also a trailer with no truck (also due to an accident) at different times. I know the frustration well. I am sorry your truck repairs have dragged on for so long. On the bright side, glad Remus is doing well. Cute video clip.

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  2. Glad Remus is doing well! He looks great out there playing with his buddy!
    Sorry about the truck STILL! What a nightmare!!! I hope they get this wrapped up asap so you guys can go on some adventures.

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