Luna Update

Luna gets a haircut (not like this)

I finally got out to see Luna again on Saturday am. I hadn’t been back to tackle that mane and I still have not finished it but I have to say for a 2 year old filly who hadn’t been out yet that day she was pretty okay about me pulling her mane. I left my most important tool (the comb) home but planning to go back and finish it up. I think she will look cute with a nicely pulled mane. AND her mane is thin thank god. Remus’s is much coarser and thicker.

her coloring is amazing

I got her a new halter and it took me about 10 minutes to put on her (see above for spicy filly who had not been turned out yet!) but with perseverance it happened. She literally could not stand still at first. I put her new salt block in which she adores and she commenced licking so I commenced operation mane pull.

so gross and scraggly
getting better

After I worked on it a bit I took her out of the stall and let her graze some. She is growing yet again and her butt is a lot higher than her front again but her weight looks good I think.

Her coloring is so cool isn’t it? Btw, I didn’t finish the mane because I was not going to push my luck but I hope to get it done soon and then will take better photos. Almost every photo I get of her is her trying to scourge grass! LOL

I need a 2 year old filly like another hole in my head but she is really filling out and starting to look like the horse she may become one day!

Happy Monday!


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