Hot, Hot, Hot

Not much to report. I skipped riding last weekend due to my complete inability to make myself ride in this heat. Fool me that Sunday am dawned cool and crisp and nice but I didn’t ride. You are welcome everyone else that got to ride due to me not riding (BECAUSE YOU KNOW if I had ridden, it would have been hot as hades).

I spy something buckskin

Remus is loving life though he probably would not mind a break from the heat too. He saw me when I got to the barn on Sunday and proceeded to stalk me.


The heat is not going away this week at all with temps in the 100s (NOT heat index, actual temps plus heat index skyrocketing!). Minis are just trying to stay cool. I am giving them fresh water in their tubs every other day since it has a tendency to boil on these days (I did rig up a shade of sorts to keep the boiling down). Flies are bad but not as bad as they are usually either due to my fly traps OR just because the flies think it is too hot too!! I assume Luna is okay but I might not see her till September the way this heat wave is going!

In other news the baby geese are growing up! They all made it this year and I think they are big enough now they should be okay.

can you tell who are the babies and who are the parents??

We also have baby raccoons who we met the other night (luckily on other side of dog fence), I did not get photos, alas. But Bernie and Ollie could not figure out what they were. The mom raccoon was having a fit to get them away and those little things kept running on the other side of the fence TOWARDS the dogs. Finally got them all wrangled away from each other but thank goodness we have a fence! DID YOU KNOW THAT RACCOON BABIES PURR LIKE KITTENS? Now I do know šŸ™‚

Otherwise I am just trying to stay cool and not melt. And also trying not to melt from workload. Hope everyone is doing okay. Hope to get two lessons in this week but they will both be at ungodly times. UGH to beat the heat.

One cool thing (ha get it?) we did do was watch the Blue Angels the other day (We didn’t go to the actual airshow, way too hot for that) but we were at the Tractor Supply parking lot and got a great view. We also saw them practicing on Friday when we were out and about AND I got to see a lot of different planes fly over our farm as they went home on Sunday night very cool!

Happy Tuesday (this was supposed to go out on Monday, oops!)

5 thoughts on “Hot, Hot, Hot

  1. Oh my god I was just lamenting to my trainer I picked the hottest days to ride last week and the two days where it was cool, and tolerable, Iā€™d planned to give my guy off. Wanted to punch myself in the face.

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  2. Ugh, that sounds ROUGH! Glad you’re all doing your best to stay cool. Hopefully it won’t last too much longer. It’s weirdly cool here lately, which would be lovely and enjoyable if not for the constant 30 mph winds… Always something!

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