Blog Hop: 20 (Very Random) Questions

Thanks to Anxiety at A I got a blog hop to do! Thank you! I have no stinking content so this will do nicely ๐Ÿ™‚

1: What is one of your favorite brands specifically for your horse, and why?

Said bridle!

I am not really brand happy. I do love my Eponia bridle (circa 2017, so longevity is there) from FHI (Thanks Amanda again for spending my money!). Otherwise, honestly the one thing I buy the most is Repel X. I find it is the best fly spray out there, every time I try something else I go back and buy this. I love the smell, you can make it strong or weak, and it works (as well as any of them really work). And I love Stubben saddles! (Even though I ride in an Antares now!)

2. If you were given a gift card for a tack shop with unlimited funds, what would you buy first?

Unlimited supply of Repel X? HA! No really, I would probably buy a lot of things (new helmet, new saddle, new saddle pads, you name it)

3. What horse event/clinic do you really want to audit or participate in? (Events like Equine Affaire, or the LRK3DE, or even local events, etc)

LRK3DE still not made it despite being driving distance to it! Maybe 2023?? I would love to go to the AECs too sometime where ever it is. (To watch, not ride at either, duh)!

4. What is something your horse has taught you that you didnโ€™t expect to learn?

read your horse (and his ears)

To read your horse and his signals he is sending you. I can tell Remus’s total mood in three seconds flat. He has days where he doesn’t want to work. Days he might want to work. His ears and attitude tells me immediately what kind of ride it is going to be. Days where he doesn’t want to work, we may canter first or go for a hack. Read your horse, and it will be golden (or buckskin!)

5. If you could take your horse anywhere, right now, to do anything, where would you go and what would you do?

Back to the Northeast. SIGH. I miss it so much. So many choices for events, lessons, you name it.

6. What are your favorite colors to put on your horse? (think saddle pads, tack colors, browbands, etc.)

I love purple. But it may not be Remus’s color. But I do love it. You can’t go wrong with Navy though most days. Hunter green looks good on him too but I am not a fan. I like most colors except RED I hate RED.


7. What is your least favorite equestrian brand?

Hmm. Antares? (Yes I have a saddle but it was used). I don’t think the leather is the greatest and I think most of those saddles are very overpriced in my mind.

8. If you could change one thing about your discipline, what would it be?

back in KY fat camp he may have been able to make speed with her on him!

Considering, I only do starter and not much lately the only thing I can think of is the set speeds at Starter (not everyone does this). If you have a fat buckskin quarter horse, you ain’t making speed. I got penalties last year at Dunnabeck and had no clue they were even timing (a schooling event no less)? Give us slow pokes a break, I am not showing rated for this very reason! ๐Ÿ™‚

9. Did you grow up in an ag/equestrian familiar family, or are you the first person in your family to step foot in a barn?

My mother rode as a kid, my sister rode as a kid. I rode as a kid and am still riding!! It is a family affair!

10. Do you like the bit that is in your horseโ€™s mouth currently or do you want to try a new one?

Remus goes in a Baucher (Boucher?) OR a loose ring snaffle with a lozenge in the middle. I don’t even know where the Baucher is now so he goes in the loose ring. I have no desire to unlock Pandora’s box of bits so we shall stay in what we are in. He goes nicely in it.

11. If you could change one thing about your horse, what would it be?

Give him wings? Let him learn how to fly? Okay, NOT actual wings but a bit more of speed? I don’t want a hot horse but one that is a bit more forward would not be amiss!

12. What is one thing about horses you are weirdly obsessed with? (i.e wrapping techniques, footing, grooming, hair care, clippers, saddles, etc)

bridle path overgrown, mane a mess CHECK!

Manes. I cannot stand a mane being unruly. I also usually am a stickler for bridle paths being trimmed but since I keep forgetting my clippers (GRHHH) Remus’s is standing up right now! OOPS. I just proved that I am letting my standards down!

13. What is the most advanced horse you have ever ridden, or what is the most advanced move for your discipline you have done?

okay this is not advanced but it could have been if I wasn’t a chicken!

I grew up at a family barn and rode the owner’s fancy-ass Appaloosa dressage horse. If you got him right, he was lovely. If not, you bounced all over hell and creation! Since then I rode Henry (Amanda‘s) and he is probably the most advanced horse I have ridden otherwise. I don’t ride a lot of other people’s horses. PS Amanda send him to TN thanks!


14. What is your favorite type of reins?

Ones that attach to the bit? LOL. No really I am not a snob re reins but I like thinner rather than thick reins.

15. What are you a diva/stickler about in terms of equipment quality?

Me a diva? Nope. I want it to last and be easy care. Otherwise I am fine with anything.

16. What is your favorite barn hack you learned?

I hung a fan from under the stairs from the apartment so the minis have air moving under the deck of the apartment. Yeah I am that person! Also all my screen/sun fabrics in my barn (over doors and windows) on keeping the bugs down was a great hack I did. Otherwise, barn hacks-wise, I learned early on how to clean stalls fast and efficiently. I hate that it takes some people so long to clean stalls. I want to get that shit over with (literally)!

17. What is your least favorite piece of equipment and why?

Draw reins. No one should need them and if they do they should have regular reins attached as well so they aren’t holding onto the draw reins. I am sure people will scream how important they are but nope not to me.

18. If your horse was a character from a Disney movie, who would they be?

Three guesses. The first two don’t count! EEYORE! (REMUS) = same thing!

Could be worse, not sure how, but it could be, says Remus I mean Eeyore!

19. If you could change one thing about the property you are at right now with your horses, what would it be?

Barn Remus is at: It would be closer as in mileage

Barn in my back yard: It would stop freaking flooding the first stall * oh and all horseflies would die a terrible death. OH and it didn’t face west. SO HOT in the afternoon.

Barn Luna is at: Just a pretty big barn with a lot of breeding in the Spring/Summer. Doesn’t really affect me but definitely think it causes some of her hormonal impulses!!

20. What is the purchase that you regret in the horse world?

My trailer? I bought the Shadow slant. I like it fine. But I wish I had held out for a straight load. BUT then it would have been so expensive. MAN those things have gone up in price all the way around the world! So will live with it. It is nice and roomy and has fans.

at least she is cute?

Otherwise, I hate to say this but Luna. I regret buying her. I don’t have time for her, don’t need a baby, and wish if I had bought another horse I would have bought one rideable and ready to go. As Remus gets older, I would like to not have to wait to ride my new horse. Hard truth.

Thanks again Anxiety at A this was a fun blog hop!!

6 thoughts on “Blog Hop: 20 (Very Random) Questions

  1. I like this blog hop list of questions! I am feeling the two horse regret right now – only because it’s hotter than Hades and I’m fried by the time I ride one of them, nevermind the second one

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  2. I didn’t realize you had ridden Henry of the “Breed.Ride.Event” blog! I’ve heard of other bloggers meeting each other (and their horses) in person after meeting online through their respective blogs, but that’s neat that you got to do that. Fun.

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  3. The timed thing at Starter happens here too…I mean if I thought Bridget could make time I’d simply enter BN, lol. On the plus side, everyone gets 20+ time penalties so it all evens out. I feel your pain re: the young horse right now too. It’s so nice to have them from the start, but I wish even now I had something ready to go rather than trying to get back into it after that gap for a few years of baby horse.

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