Still Hot, Still Dry….

Rehash of weather. Heat index of 110 most days with the temps close to if not over 100 each day. No rain now for 2 weeks at least. It is so gross out and it saps my soul.

My barn is staying about 100 degrees inside during the day (metal barn is no Bueno in TENNESSEE, just saying). I have about five fans running and the ceiling fans but the minis spend most of the day under the deck of the apartment in front of the box fan hanging from the stairs in front of them. Ghetto yes but it works. They do meander into the barn later in the afternoon when the heat gets too intense to stand in front of a fan or two. The one good thing is the flies are not that bad this year, either cause of my traps OR more likely because it is too hot to even be a fly right now.

How I feel with this heat most days…

I have two large belt-driven floor fans from TSC in my barn aisle. I have two hanging fans on the stalls (TSC 20 inch fans?) and then I have a large mounted fan (36 inch) on the wall down by the cool end of the barn (unfortunately the stalls are not down at that end). There are a lot of fans blowing hot air around.

yes it is just a fan but still.

One of my larger belt-driven floor fans died today. Mourning a fan that actually probably lasted over 2 years in a very dusty environment is kind of silly. But down a fan, I am. And it sucks.

How hot is it, hot enough that I found a dead snake in my barn with no obvious injuries?

So I thought this would be a good blog post question. What do you use to keep your barn (and minis or horses or whatever cool?). I feel that the TSC ones work fine but I wonder if there is something out there better? I can’t imagine if I didn’t have the fans I did, since as I said the temps can get to 100 degrees in there. Any ideas? Any suggestions?

Off to put an ice cube (or ten) on my head. I swear even though I am in the AC most of the day, this heat is really sapping me (I wrote soup instead of soul, so yes brain is scrambled a bit!)

Happy Thursday (I also thought it was Wednesday for the first part of this morning…). Don’t judge me…


12 thoughts on “Still Hot, Still Dry….

  1. I’m in North Texas where we are as hot, if not hotter, than where you are. I have ceiling mounted fans over each stall that my hubs installed (after having proper electricity run by a professional). These are industrial fans, not house fans. All of my stalls have a sliding door out to stall runs and those doors stay open if a horse is living in them. I keep the door of my one empty stall closed because it is on the west side. My barn is fully insulated, too. All that keeps it about 8-10 degrees cooler than outside. Our highs this week are over 100F every damn day. 109F next Monday (barf).

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    1. Thanks. I have dutch doors and leave them open but have shade cloth over them to keep bugs and sun out. Our front of our barn faces west so every afternoon it gets pounded by the sun. The barn stalls face south. which yep you guessed it is great in Winter but not in Summer 🙂 It is a mess. HA! UGH stay cool if possible. We have ceiling fans in the celling of the barn BUT the ceiling is so high I dont think they help.

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  2. I feel like you wrote this blog post specifically for me and Tara (above). It is SO hot and we haven’t had rain in a month? We’re in a huge metal barn with over 100 horses. All the windows / doors are left open to encourage circulation and each stall has an ag fan hanging in the corner so the horses can stick their faces (or butts) in front of it. Some of the horses that are closer to the middle of the barn have two fans in different corners. That’s about the extent to which we can manage the heat and airflow – it’s so awful and doesn’t look like it’s ending anytime soon

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    1. Yes Remus’s barn where he boards is cinderblock built. and really open and SO MUCH cooler than my fancy dancy Morton barn. I could cook eggs in there. Shall we move north somewhere? ALL OF US. 🙂 stay cool my friend!!


      1. My plan (hopefully) is to go to Montana and North Dakota for a few weeks next summer. That is where I’m from and my extended family have lots of land for me to ride and places for me to park my LQ trailer. This heat is the WORST!

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  3. We’ve been plagued with wind since March, but the only reason I’m okay with it still being around is that it at least moves this hot desert air. So, would you believe that we have fans from Walmart, and they work just fine?? In a metal barn?? In the desert???? lol But they actually do. I think part of the reason it works so well is despite the heat, we get a lot of ventilation. The wind is always going through the barn, so while it does get stuffy and hot, there’s usually always airflow no matter where the horses stand. The fans then provide cross ventilation, so while Amber is lightly sweating still, the air from the south and the air from her fan catch her in the middle and she’s actually pretty cool. So maybe some cross ventilation? I have no idea. There’s no way to escape the heat here, so we do the best we can, and sometimes that means Amber gets hosed off four days in a row. Somehow, Whisper (who was born and raised in Tennessee) while darker is perfectly a-okay in this heat, while Amber being from Colorado just cannot seem to deal with the heat. Maybe it’s because Tennessee heat prepared her for this LOL!

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    1. I thought of you when I was bitching! 🙂 HAHAHAH What kind of fans from walmart?? And how funny Whisper was born and raised in hell I mean TN 🙂 hahahha My minis HATE to be hosed off. Idiots.


      1. Hahaha!! It’s been overly hot everywhere it seems lol. They’re called Lasko wind machine fans. They only last around a year for us just because of all the dust that blows and it gets in the gears, but it should be fine for you in your barn if you decide to get them 😆
        Omg I know, I don’t know how Whisper can stand it!! I’m finding that if I move, it won’t be to Tennessee ðŸĪŠ

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