Happy Fourth of July (One Day Late)

Finding energy to blog as well as work and live is not happening lately. Sorry. This heat is sapping my soul.

We have at least another two weeks of this horrible heat we have had no rain, the pasture is dying as is our yard. It is so dang hot. The heat index is in the 100s and climbing each day as well. It is sad when 92 on Saturday looks great but it probably will change. I cut lawn and fields yesterday and almost choked on dust and pollen and saw huge cracks in the ground from the dry conditions.

So tired

For now enjoy Luna in all her glory. Due to fireworks she was outdoors during the day in the heat rather than out at night but then you actually get a few funny and good photos. So win ? I guess.

She is definitely not in an awkward phase at the moment!
Go away, it is nap time

I had a lesson on Sunday but then ended up just hacking because neither Remus nor I were feeling this at all. I just want to nap myself. UGH.

Ollie got a new travel basket for the truck and Tina thinks she should have it instead!

Hopefully I get motivated to blog, ride, and not actually melt doing either! Happy belated Fourth of July all. I hope wherever you live the fireworks were not too loud and annoying. All my animals are okay with them but I still loathe them. Especially since we have not had rain for weeks now!! UGH. Let the images of Ollie and Bernie soothe you. How freaking cute are they? đŸ™‚

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