Barbie and Her Allergies

Barbie while the sweetest mini ever (compared to the evil Gollum of minis, Cherry, ahem), has some issues. She is lame at times and has an arthritic knee (and is on Previcox because of it), she choked once on a diff food and cost me over 200 on a vet call. She also has allergies.

Pretty sure this is a fair representation of Cherry

She gets green gook in her eyes and nose sometimes, she gets a cough at times, and she is on a MSM supplement and my vet put her on some SMZ’s due to the fact she started rubbing the hell out of her face. The rubs seem to be better but she looks like she has been rubbing her fact on sandpaper or worse. I need to contact my vet as she is done the SMZs and I am worried she is going to start rubbing again. But did I mention she is cute as can be?? Good thing right? Then there is Cherry….

Beware the chestnut (mini) mare! Yes that is my finger. Sue me LOL

Barbie’s eyes and nose have been pretty much gunk-free and I took her fly masks off as I was worried they were contributing to the rubbing. But even though she has all these issues she is still so much better behaved than…well, Gollum. Any ideas on allergy relief? The good news is that she doesn’t seem to rub anywhere else. The bad news is she is getting her winter coat already! As much as I hate this summer heat I am not ready for winter either!!

hard to get a good shot when she is in your face and under a hobbit-sized tree…

see hobbit-sized!

seriously if he had more weight on him like Cherry they would look more alike!

Who me??

7 thoughts on “Barbie and Her Allergies

  1. Love the hobbit-sized tree LOL I’ve recently been thinking Amber has summer allergies – she gets a lot of green gunk in her right nostril, and she didn’t have that in CO or TX when I think back. It’s so dry and dusty here tho that I’m not surprised if that’s the case, plus all the wind has brought in the pollen from the surrounding states, so allergies have been hectic on everyone this year. I think there is a way you can give horses an anti-histamine….? Maybe Benadryl or Allegra? I think some dog vets have mentioned like half or some really small amount of Benadryl you can give them, but I’m not sure about horses. Sorry I’m not more help!

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  2. Ha, ha! Hobbit size tree for sure! I think you know that one of my horses (Shiloh) has seasonal allergy symptoms from Spring through Fall. I take a multi-prong approach to managing his symptoms. Nothing completely eliminates them, but I do think he is much more comfortable now than before I realized he even had allergies and therefore was not giving him extra support. So now, Shiloh takes Cetirizine 10 mg Antihistamine Tablets (generic for Zyrtec) per my veterinarian’s guidance. No prescription needed. He is a full size horse so he takes quite a few pills per day. Not sure about mini size dose! I just put them in his AM and PM ration balancer feeding, and he gobbles them right up. He also wears a clean, high-visibility fly mask as needed (which for a while was actually 24/7 because his eyes were so itchy that they were red and puffy). I also clean his face daily with anything from a damp, clean cloth to baby wipes to special Zyrtec Soothing Wipes (supposed to do a special job of whisking away pollen and small particles). All Summer Shiloh was also getting flax seed added to his ration balancer as well (there is some scientific evidence that flax helps calm an over-active immune system), but I have recently stopped the flax and am seeing if he can get along without it now. I certainly sympathize with your mini’s issues and your work in trying to manage them. I know how distressing it can be to watch our horses be distressed and itchy. I supposed that is one of the positives of Winter- a lessening or total elimination of allergy symptoms!


    1. Jiminy usually starts with 5 2x/day but has had up to 8 zyrtec 2x/day. It appears you can give horses quite a bit as Batt was getting 20 2x/day at one point. I also found that Turmeric is really helpful. I used it for Batt. I just bought it from Amazon and added it to his feed. It helps with respiratory stuff, itchy skin, joints, etc. I’d just give a tablespoon/day to a mini. Batt got 2 or 3? But it’s cheap and couldn’t hurt. It definitely helped him.

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  3. Ugh, allergies are the worst! I know because I have them too. Lol! Eros is currently living on Benadryl tablets twice a day. He gets 16 at both breakfast and dinner, and his hives have finally gone away. I’m keeping him on them until fall and we’ll see what happens…
    They are so incredibly cute though! I love that you have a tree just their size under the stairs!

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