Water Water Everywhere and FU WordPress…

F*CK YOU WordPress. I just finished my blog post for today and had been saving the whole time. Guess what, WordPress decided that it would not save so now I have to recreate my post. I have had a SHIT time with software and websites this week (workwise) so I am flushing a metaphorical toilet and telling WordPress to F OFF now. I am over shit that is not working right. I pay a lot of money this piece of shit blog website and when I click save draft I expect to I don’t know? SAVE! Sorry but it has been a horrible week with vendors and websites not working the way they are supposed to. OVER THIS, ahem. Trying again…..


What my barn looks like somedays!

This will not be as well thought out as the first try because I have work to do. ANYHOO, got gravel, got carport, still flooding, had landscape company scalp me for a trench that does nothing but pool water in the bottom of it because they didn’t finish it right.

IF I added up how much I have spent Mark would have a heart attack so won’t go there.

not as bad as it used to be but still floods all the way thru barn if it rains hard enough.
said trench…

Last try is getting a company to put a concrete apron in front of barn, will be higher than barn aisle and will slope to carport away from barn as well to the sides away from barn. We shall see. I will probably fall over it ten times but anyway let’s give it a try. The stall doesn’t get as wet as it used to but still has mushrooms growing in there. So anything hopefully will help. Otherwise getting rid of minis and raising goldfish, rice, and mushrooms in there.

not done right landscaping company!

Buy a farm it will be fun. NO it is not. NOT At all.

some nimrod (Not me) built the barn downhill from the rest of the property so all the water flows that way. SIGH

Happy Thursday (Literally had to look to see what day it was).

Anyone else having a cranky ass week?

4 thoughts on “Water Water Everywhere and FU WordPress…

  1. Ugh, not sure who decided to build the barn downhill *facepalm* When ours was built the landscaping guy was really knowledgeable and built us a pad that works really nicely. The barn is higher than the house now lol. Hopefully this new solution for you will end up working! On the WordPress note, I absolutely LOATHE it as well. There is a way actually to stick with the classic version and not the newest block version (which EVERYONE hates and there are MULTIPLE complaint forums, but does WP listen? NO). I do all of my posts on classic editor, and it is 10x better and easier than the new feature. Thank god for that lol.

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  2. Ugh. What a pain in the ass. The extra frustrating part is when you spend all that money to NOT have it fixed. I feel that pain.
    We’re finally getting some rain here today. And as I sit here typing it, I’m seeing said rain pouring into my fireplace. Probably not what’s supposed to happen….

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    1. that made me laugh out loud! OMG not supposed to happen. At least our house is rain proof (if not mouse proof, I spent last night chasing a live mouse before my cats ate it). Ninja kittens!


  3. Isn’t it fun when you get no rain for 3 months and then ALL THE RAIN?! Ugh. Everytime I think about how fun it would be to have my own funny farm, I read one of your blog posts and it brings me back to reality


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