The only shot I got the last two rides!

I am signed up for the event. It is Wednesday night and Dad started feeling bad today. I have a doc appt tomorrow for him but if he is sick I probably should not leave to go ride at an event. So now I am kind of in a funk wondering what to do.

Life is a pain at times. I know I sound horrible but I have wanted to go to this event since LAST September when I went then to this same event. It is fun, I have friends going this year with me that I talked into going. I just want to cry or nap. Anyway this is my pity party for one. Stay tuned to see if I go or not. I go to ONE event a year. My life really sucks lately. Before I know it I will be the old person here. Grumble.

In other news, I had a fun lesson with Remus this past Friday (and rode on Monday too). We did (on Friday) a follow the leader game, then we had a trot race (WHICH REMUS WON over two big ass horses hahahah) then we jumped a lot of things. On Monday we kept it short and sweet but Remus still jumped all the things. So he is ready. Even if I am not!

Hump day. Sigh.

8 thoughts on “Life

  1. Feel free to message me to commiserate. I injured my back (AGAIN WTF) and had a pity party for myself all weekend and I’m still in a funk cause it freakin hurts and all I did was get into a car wrong *facepalm. So yes, PLEASE feel free to message me to complain and commiserate if you’d like lol. Personally, I’d see if maybe someone could help your dad for the day and go to the show.

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  2. My MIL needs a lot of support and I have participated heavily in “I had to cancel long awaited fun thing” solo pity parties these past few years. You’ve got my full support! Seriously though, I hope he’s feeling better soon and you’re able to get out for the event (and if not maybe it’ll rain all day anyway 😉

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