Ugh. That is All.

Last you read, Dad was sick, my event was up in the air. Well dear readers, Dad ended up in the hospital with Covid no less. And they let him out in less than 24 hours. I had already decided to scratch the show but still I was like you can’t keep him a bit longer? Nope. Great.

So 10 points for Gryffindor if you can guess what happened next? Thank goodness I scratched because after my 2-plus years of not getting Covid. Guess what happened? ZING!

I couldn’t have ridden let alone driven my horse home. So glad I had scratched. And I am so fuzzy right now I can’t be too mad but I still am mad. I am coughing a lung up, I feel like crap, I am sweaty and cold at the same time. Dad is doing much better. Me not such much. And how was your weekend?

I am updated on my shots but not the most recent ones but now will have to wait on that one till 3 months after infection. UGH.

5 thoughts on “Ugh. That is All.

  1. That is definitely rubbish. I’m so sorry you got sick and had to scratch the event!! I was asymptomatic when I finally ended up with Covid, though I did develop a cough. It was a wet cough tho, and I was coughing up lots of green mucus. I was able to get antibiotics for that, and it absolutely helped my cough. I have heard that if it’s a wet cough, antibiotics can treat it, but if it’s a dry cough, then that’s part of Covid and antibiotics won’t help :(. I hope you get better soon tho! That is absolutely no fun 😦

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