Things About Covid I Didn’t Realize Until I Had It!

My doc called in Paxlovid for me to start right after I came down with Covid on Sunday. Has it helped? Is it worth it? Who knows but at this point I would take hemlock if there was a chance of getting rid of this shit. SO down the hatch the pills have been going.

Enjoy the video of Remus when Poppy texted me on Sunday asking me if she could do anything for me I said pet my pony. So she did better than that and sent me a video that made me smile.

Things about Covid I now know:

  1. Taste and smell are very important to you and once they are gone the sparkle is gone from life. No smell of coffee in the am, good food you love tastes like cardboard, and so on.
  2. You can actually cough so hard you can’t breathe until you can breathe again. Good to know.
  3. The brain fog is real. OH SO REAL. Today on day four (or five I can’t count see brain fog again), I am just finally able to piece words together, kind of in a make sense format. Or can I?
  4. The one thing I can taste? Is the noxious phlegm that lines my nose, throat, chest you name it. SO MUCH GUNK. So much gross.
  5. I am so appreciative that I got my Covid vaccine and booster. I cannot imagine it being worse than this but am sure it would have been. Also can’t wait for 3 months to be up so I can get my new booster. Getting Covid sure makes you thankful for those vaccines.
  6. You can be hot and cold at the same time and not have a fever. Who knew?
  7. Sleeping upright on four pillows is not fun but is the only way to not choke to death coughing or drowning in your snot.
  8. Today is the first day I voluntarily woke up before 7 am for five days in a row. For someone who usually gets up at 6 or so this is nuts but today I feel like I am almost back to that time frame again.
  9. You can cough so hard to make your abs and your side hurt. I still have a pinched side that hurts every time I cough. That is not fun. I think I may have pulled some muscles.
  10. I realize that sinus issues are just that, sinus issues. I will never think OH I have Covid when I have sinus issues again. NOPE not Covid. Not even close!

If you aren’t vaccinated, get vaccinated if you are able to do so. I know, I know I still got Covid but I just can’t imagine how bad it could have been. Now to get some energy back so I can actually ride my horse again (the first time I am very thankful my horse is a slug and will not kill me when I climb aboard again, this fatigue is huge).

me daily with Lysol and Microban everywhere.

I need to lay down again now…..Happy Wednesday!

11 thoughts on “Things About Covid I Didn’t Realize Until I Had It!

  1. My brother refused to get vaxxed and ended up with covid pneumonia. They would not give him the paxlovid. I really wonder if it was because they were annoyed he wasn’t vaxxed. Hope you feel better soon!!

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    1. I am not sure about the paxlovid actually it makes me even worse at night so I have two more doses and will be glad to be done with it. On the fence about it or if the covid is just running its course 🙂 Thanks so much! Hope your brother was okay in the end!


    1. I can taste my coffee this am i am so happy 🙂 Slowly feeling better but still feel like a truck hit me at times (The cough is the WORSE along with the mucus). I did think that about the dog but also i worried what if i smelled and didnt know it hahahhahahha 🙂


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