Merry Go Round Life

I swear I cannot catch a break. Dad is back in the hospital. I managed to ride on Thursday but due to dad my weekend lesson was cancelled. He is fine, he should hopefully go to rehab after this hospital stay. WHICH SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED the last time. I am still so annoyed with that hospital. He is in a smaller country hospital this time and they are SO MUCH better than the bigger one he is in. I am so impressed.

Remus is fine albeit some itchy/swollen eyes which yeah the flies are horrible. But today was 52 degrees this am and it is supposed to be 40s tonight and 70s all week during the day so thank you yes will take it. Hopefully that helps him out.


My minis continue to grow their full out winter coats. They know something we do not! Barbie has snot and itches on her face again but I am thinking when Fall truly arrives she will stop that. Here is hoping.

I still have a cough (Thanks Covid) But otherwise feel okay. Ragweed is bad here now sooooo that could be part of it.

me totally

I have two events I want to sign up for in October (one local, one in Ark) but am kind of gun shy and not signing up yet until I know more what is going on with dad. His bloodwork etc. is all good, they just think he is fatigued from Covid recovery. He could not even walk on Sat so that was scary. He also is a pain in not drinking fluids so he was dehydrated as well.

Never boring. Never dull. I would welcome boring and dull. One day! And how are all of you? Hopefully less of stress for you compared to us?

me and my coffee today…ANOTHER!

6 thoughts on “Merry Go Round Life

  1. Oh man, I’m sorry!! Hang in there! At least the weather will be a lot nicer – I’m sure that’ll help. Hopefully your dad will be better soon, but I’m sorry you had to cancel your weekend lesson! I’m sure you’ll be able to get another one this week ❤ I hope you catch a break soon tho!

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  2. That’s great that you got back in the saddle there. Tell Remus that my Shiloh can commiserate on eye issues due to bugs. I know we’ve commented back and forth a couple of times about horse allergy issues. They are no fun for horse or human. I hope your Dad gets back to feeling better again quickly and that you can get in some more riding time soon.

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