Thank God it’s Friday!

true words…

This week both flew by and crawled! Dad is in rehab and so far seems to doing well (though 3 hours of therapy a day seems like a lot).

I am exhausted and can’t seem to shake the Covid cough. I should be riding this upcoming Sunday. I literally had no energy to ride before then and work is nuts so nope just sitting in front of my computer.

I do feel for the people in Florida with all the loss and destruction from Hurricane Ian. For once I am glad I am not on the East Coast. If you want to help, I saw this neat and dandy guide on Yahoo. I can’t imagine losing your home or worse. Hurricanes are definitely nasty things, just one bobble a different way and the outcome could be worse for some and better for others.

Anyway I will continue to try to get my brain out of the Covid fog and stop actually coughing. Hopefully I ride on Sunday and Remus will heal me the rest of the way.

Happy Friday!

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