Ahh Weather…..It Likes To Kick You When You Are Down!

I have never ever ever been so wet in my life. I have a full recap coming but spoiler alert, I scratched after dressage.

There were a lot of variable factors but honestly. I was freezing. My horse was not happy. It was very very wet. And by me scratching and leaving they managed to do cross country later. I fully expect if I had stayed for the whole day it would have kept raining. so you are welcome the rest of the competitors!

To say this was a fiasco is probably not even defining how bad it truly was. This was in no fault the organizers, the farm where the event was held, the officials running the show, and so on. That part was a lovely experience. I would totally go back there. I walked cross country twice I was ready to run this show. They had some neat options on Starter that would have been some tough choices (a combo and a bank and a couple other baby things that would have been fun to try).

But alas it didn’t happen. Again more to come. Thanks for the support on me showing. I can say I hung out with my horse, laughed with some friends so it was not a total waste. BUT DAMN IT I STILL HAVENT RUN CROSS COUNTRY SINCE 2021. That is a travesty. Onward and upward.

How was your weekend. Sure hope it was drier than mine!!

9 thoughts on “Ahh Weather…..It Likes To Kick You When You Are Down!

  1. Well, rats! I have my share of “not done at all” or “half done” horse events, and I can testify to how disappointing those occasions are. I am sorry it wasn’t better for you, but good on you for giving it a go and still enjoying yourself and your horse in between the not-so-good parts. Will look forward to hearing about the dressage portion later!

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      1. HAHA it was the same place I broke my leg the first time (it was muddy then as well) – thank goodness it didn’t happen again or I’d never be able to live it down

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  2. Ugh, that’s such a bummer! If it helps, you’re doing better than me, I haven’t actually taken a horse to a show in 6 years. Maybe next year! Lol!
    Glad you got to see some friends at least.


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