Going to an Event!

This week has been nuts workwise and life wise but I am going to an event tomorrow in Little Rock. I signed up for it, I leave tomorrow, it is going to rain its nuts off on Saturday but I am going to an event and running cross country, Lord willing and the creek don’t rise and all that. The last time we did this was last September (not the one just past) sooooooo….I am excited but scared too.

one of my fave tv series ever and it is how I feel about now...

I probably will get no media as I am flying solo (and it is going to rain OF COURSE). Work is nuts (as I said above) but I am taking tomorrow afternoon off and hauling to Arkansas. Remus has no clue his life this weekend is changing. HA.

Wish us luck and I hope to have more content (albeit with no media, probably) next week.

I can’t believe this week flew by like it did. I NEED TO ACTUALLY PLAN TO GO TO A SHOW. I have no idea where any of my shit is. Oh well.


How is your week going? Is it as crazy as mine. Sure hope not!

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