And Another Week is in the Books (Where Does Time Go?)

Quick check in as I hope to have more fodder next week for the blog. I have a clinic on Monday with Remus (Cross country clinic no less!). YAY.

It has been cold as F here though. 40 highs but the lows have been low-20s with dipping in teens for windchill at night. November is way too early to be that cold. Right?? I wore shorts last year during Thanksgiving. Crazy.

My brother is coming to see my dad this weekend and my sister and nephew are coming for Thanksgiving so it is going to be a bit busier than normal here because of this, but I am glad they are all coming to see Dad. He still is not much better or stronger and I am hoping we figure out something for him sooner rather than later. I am exhausted between work, and elder care, and all that. Mark is too and he is grounded for now (work travel) so while I am glad he is home to help I am sure he wishes he was off on a jet plane somewhere fast!

We are also fostering a CUTE schnoodle (Socks) who is quite big. He has been really good in fitting in but hopefully he will have a new home soon (Yes I am nuts, we already know this)! And how has your week gone?

Happy Friday!!

5 thoughts on “And Another Week is in the Books (Where Does Time Go?)

    1. ha i love him he is awfully cute he went from timid to robust fast šŸ™‚ we have three dogs dad has a doc and now we have Socks and then the three cats. It’s a rodeo here šŸ˜‰


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