Manic Monday: Oh Remus….

Life is no less crazy but you have to see this video of Remus being spooked by a baby carriage/stroller. Brave brave event horse. NOT. Watch it. Laugh, and you are welcome. Goofy horse 🙂

Thanks Jenna for capturing this for blog purposes. Also I didn’t know Remus feels like me about having children but good to know we are a match!

Three Chestnuts also suggested maybe Remus thought there was a demon/Satan pig in that stroller!?? Only Remus would know what he thought. I myself? Just think he is a raving goofball of a horse! Glad I wasn’t attempting to ride that at the time.

Happy Monday!

6 thoughts on “Manic Monday: Oh Remus….

  1. I agree with the “glad I wasn’t riding that” comment! When they become fixated with terror, it can be really hard for me to get them unhooked from what is drawing their attention. Glad the monster stroller experience was short lived for Remus and that it went along its way quickly past.

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  2. Baby strollers are terrifying, L can confirm. I have hilarious shots from a show where I was asked to do stretchy trot, dropped to the buckle, and a stroller went by and L was out of there. No amount of cookies would have convinced him.

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