I Know I Know, I Owe You an Update on the Clinic….

But I just don’t have time to save and edit videos today. So a quick Socks update. We love him. Mark still wants me to put an app in for him. He has a lot of interested parties wanting to adopt him.

But until he goes anywhere he is being the best pup he can be here.

Some photos to share how cute he is! SO CUTE! And he gets along with the cats now 🙂

Happy Monday after Thanksgiving. I hope you all had lovely, wonderful family time this weekend. And if you did, share with me so I know what that is like. Because our family time sucked. Thank god for dogs, husband, and ponies (both large and small). OH and the cats! HA! Not in that order (Sorry Mark!)

my Thanksgiving in a nutshell!


3 thoughts on “I Know I Know, I Owe You an Update on the Clinic….

  1. Socks is so cute! You should definitely keep him.
    Thanksgiving was low key here. Me, my mom, and my older brother. Older brother’s wife and kids went to her sister’s house, and brother is kind of antisocial so he didn’t go…. I can only imagine how much trouble he must have been in for that. But it was nice to have him for dinner. Felt like when we were kids, just the three of us.

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    1. That sounds great. Kids table for the win 🙂 Also I have a meet and greet scheduled for Socks this Sat (So sad but it is okay). I at least got to pick my first choice from the apps. 🙂


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