The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Cross Country Clinic

So I am finally sharing the videos with you from the Cross Country clinic a couple weeks ago and some photos. They are truly the good (which was running cross country again), the bad (some iffy distances and Remus almost dumping me at the water coming the way the sun was shining), and the ugly (how we hit the coop ick, he was not forward and it was on a hill and we did do it right later but alas no video on that one)! We had a pro photographer there who would not take money but I am giving him the credit! Thanks Paul! He got some great shots if you want to see them all (Not just me!) go here! I had a blast, I think Remus did too, and the weather was perfect.

Paul Nolte Photo Credit!

The Good:

First water try since 2018? Not shabby Remus 🙂

The Bad:

So lazy he is! But he went!

The Ugly:

Remus is like are we finally done??

I can’t wait to go back again! So much fun was had! And thanks Kim for taking the videos and navigating my phone away from me so I was not stressing from people calling or texting about Dad. Also thanks to Mark for babysitting dogs and dad etc. That is not easy either. Though Ollie went with me and pulled truck duty.

It takes a village!! And I am glad I have one like this.

Happy Friday!


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