Not an Auspicious Start to 2023

Ick what a week. How is it Saturday of the first week of 2023 already? Oh I know how. The week from hell! Dad had his procedure on Tuesday which took ALL DAY LONG (sitting in a hospital staring at walls with no WIFI since it as down is just as boring as it sounds). Finally by almost 5 we figured out they were going to keep him and they ended up keeping him two nights which was AMAZING as it sounds. But he is out now and came home with a catheter. Enter all the living a dream jokes right now. UGH. He refused to go to rehab too. So we are rehab.

The procedure went well which is good. Hopefully home health will take the catheter out on Monday as my husband may leave me if this goes on much longer. (Nominating Mark for husband of the year right now. Seriously, the man is great!).

Then on Tuesday morning I went to start my truck before taking dad to the hospital. And zilch. Dead dead dead. Turns out it was the battery but it took a bit of finagling to figure out Chevy would come to jump it. The guy who came out jumped but tested it too and it was going to die pretty quickly. I ended up paying a fortune for this guy to change it just so I didn’t have to go somewhere and wait around so it worked out well and now my truck runs again. Mobile mechanics ain’t cheap but it was worth it to be able to work on my work stuff while he worked on my truck.

Remus got checked out by the vet and pretty much got a clean bill of health except for a niggling right hock issue which is pretty minimal. We will start out with Adequen and then inject the hocks if grumpiness continues. Pretty much confirmed my horse is just being a jerk though. Sigh. I have a lesson tomorrow so let’s see how he acts.

And work. My job is nuts and this is the busy season for us (Our convention in in less that 2 months now) so I get it. But I am seriously working way too hard. I work most nights till 8-9. I had a deadline I missed on Friday (Will be done this weekend) and my review is on Tuesday. Pretty sure that review is going to continue the shitty saga of 2023.

I would like to take a 10 day nap OR go on a cruise with my husband. Or both. Happy Not New Year? How has your first week been this year?


7 thoughts on “Not an Auspicious Start to 2023

  1. Oh man, what a week! My truck is also dead in the driveway. I really need to do something about it. Sooner than later I guess.
    Hope things calm down for you. That’s just a lot to be dealing with. Wish I could help!

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